Can we trust Ukrainian/Russian anti-scam sites?

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From our experience, we can surely say that the Internet is a place that is rife with scams. It’s been said by some people that no matter what legitimate business or social opportunities exist, there will be someone running a con to try and make money off the gullible.

Noted scams are for things like Russian or Ukrainian online dating sites and marriage agencies which can scam thousands of dollars out of romantic hopefuls. In an effort to combat those scams there have been a plenty of databases established to help Internet viewers avoid the sites that are likely to be scams.

Ukraine dating scam

But my question today is that if those Russian/Ukrainian anti-scam websites can be trusted any more than the scams they’re supposedly warning against? Let’s discuss this issue together!

Does the anti-scam site look trustworthy?

There are certain tell-tale clues that Internet browsers should always look for when trying to decide whether or not a certain website is trustworthy. For instance, a website that is put together with good text that has been proofread and updated is a solid start. However, just because a website looks legitimate there’s no reason to believe that it is. But, in my opinion, if it looks like a scam, then it most likely is.

What does the Internet community say?

The best way to check and see if a website is legitimate is to poke around on forums and to see what other Internet users have to say about a given site. If the overwhelming opinion is that a site is a scam, then chances are very good it is. If the opinion seems divided then users need to look carefully at the people who are saying the site is just fine.

Let’s discuss a clear example of the plausibility of one of the most famous Russian anti-scam site A Canadian guy Jim run this website in order to help Western men to find out which online dating site or marriage agency works suspicious and which site not (note: at present, the site is offline and does not belong to Jim anymore, which is run by Jim too is online and you can visit it). So far, so good.


But after researching on the Internet, you can find following facts regarding on his anti-scam lists:

  1. Jim’s “approved” dating sites are the same sites with prominent Ads, that means that he gets advertising money from Gold and White list sites. So, this is possible that Jim is recommending the Ukrainian and Russian online dating sites that pay him and unfairly criticizing those who do not (Source:
  2. Jim has no facts, only his opinion. He writes on, “Yes, for the second time, I BADMOUTH agencies on my Black List. Why? Because I believe them to be scams. This is based on 10 YEARS of receiving letters from men who have used their services. I have NO problem with badmouthing a scam or bad agency.” (Source:

As for me, this is not professional to admit that the information on his sites is just his personal opinion (no facts, no evidence). We do not know if he does get letters from users who share their experience on online dating services with Jim.

So you should draw your own conclusions if the sites run by Jim can be trusted as a reliable source for agency scams or not. I have to say that repeated text, reposted dialogue or overly generic reports might be the work of the site trying to convince people it is legitimate so that more victims come in and follow its bogus advice. So, before someone trusts a Russian/Ukrainian anti-scam site, it’s important to see what other users have to say about it.

What does the anti-scam site recommend?

If someone is still unsure about whether or not to trust the anti-scam information presented on a Russian/Ukrainian site, a big clue is in how it’s presented. For instance, if an anti-scam site simply lists off websites that are confirmed scams, then that is a simple, straightforward guide.

online dating scammers

On the other hand, if the website gives advice on which websites to join and gives run downs of how great certain sites actually are, that’s very suspicious. While the site might be legitimate, it’s a good idea to see how many other websites also agree with what it’s saying about certain sites at that point.

Case by case basis

With Russian and Ukrainian anti-scam sites people have to remember that they are not all part of a single group just because they’re from the same part of the world. As such a website has to be evaluated and checked as an individual.

It might have solid, actionable information, or it might be a double blind scam, convincing people that it is a real resource and then telling them that scam sites can be trusted.

My advice is always check, and always watch. 🙂


In conclusion, I recommend you the following ebooks on Russian/Ukrainian dating scam:

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Questions? Feel free to ask Krystyna, your Ukrainian dating expert 🙂 (s. here: Contact Krystyna)



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