Ukraine: a country divided by language and history

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today we’ll talk about some general historic and linguistic facts of Ukraine. It is told that “…Residents of the territory of modern Ukraine do not know that they are Ukrainian...”. What is Ukraine? What is Ukrainian culture?

Ukraine is a state which became independent in the rapid and bloody twentieth century. Ukrainian people were recognized as a non-Russian nation with their own language. In turn, Ukraine was divided by some ridiculous stumps: Western, Eastern, Central, and the Crimea. Politicians and sociologists are still trying to find out what part of Ukraine is real Ukrainian and what is not.

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What is Ukraine?

You should know that Ukraine is NOT a part of Russia. The nation, located Southwest of Moscow and North of the Black Sea, has long been divided by its language, as well as its history.
The Ukraine’s past reads like is a series of dramas. The configuration of the steppes provides little in the way of defense, and the only important barrier, the Dnieper River, flows directly through the center of the territory.

At various times, Ukraine was dominated by the Hapsburgs, the Poles, the Russians, and the Mongols. The fertile soil in the area area was great for farming, and that provoked the expansionist instincts of every would-be dictator in the area.


The Ukraine has a trove of rich natural resources and it is an important vendor of raw materials. The high productivity of agriculture in the region has encouraged the development of extensive industries and the production of agricultural equipment.The country could have an impact on a global scale global if western technology and financial assistance were available. The Ukraine is trying to expand commercial relations with the United States to help gain purchasing power across the world.

At one time, the Ukraine housed the most prominent industrial district in the Soviet Union. Even today, the abundance of coal and iron ore in the region, promotes the production of iron and steel, including heavy machinery construction and a coal-based chemical industry. The country also harbors riches in raw materials, including minerals as salts, potash, mercury and brown coal, and an abundance of coal, manganese, uranium, oil, and natural gas.


Western Ukraine, which speaks Ukrainian, was ruled by a benevolent Austria-Hungary until World War I. The Eastern Ukraine was under imperial domination for centuries. Prior to World War I, Russia began a program of russification that required everyone in the empire to speak Russian and to become Eastern Orthodox Christians This was not a popular reform, and it may well be one reason that people in the area have become so adamant about their language and why language is such a sensitive subject in the region.


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Today, the Ukraine is an independent state, and one of the richest areas of farm land in the world. The primary major crops grown are wheat, corn, and barley. However, the Ukraine is still a country divided by language and history. The people in this region have strong cultural traditions and diverse lifestyles. They speak either Ukrainian or Russian, and many are ultra-sensitive about which language is spoken. In addition, the nation has recently had to deal with economic crises caused by crop failure as well as much ethnic turmoil.

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