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Hey guys,

I’ve been following the Ukrainian Dating Blog for some time now and Krystyna granted me some deep insights into a lot of your questions and concerns.

Believe me, it wasn’t hard for me to identify that really a lot of the concerns you express to Krystyna relate to material things. Most of the time the women, you met on the internet, ask you for money. The reasons for that are the same nearly every time.

–          She needs a visa, passport and flight ticket to visit you, the man she fell in love with!

–          She or someone out of her family got debts … whatever kind!

–          Someone in the family became incredibly ill and you are the only one who can help right now!

–          The family is generally indigent and she is very happy she finally met the only man who is able to save the life of all family members!

–          She wants to learn English, but simply got no money. A pity because her English is so rudimentary she can´t communicate with the man she fell in love with appropriately!

You heard these things before right? All these statements have one crucial similarity. They try to engage you on a very social level. They try to appeal your humanity … and they do it in a way your good sense of reality refuses. All these statements pursue the same goal to abuse your desire and urge finding a loving and care-taking wife. Some call it scam, some call it deception … I call it one of the most shameful ways to play with people’s feelings to earn a shitload of money!

material thing

It is crazy because I know that you know you are getting scammed by women who ask you for money. I also know that you will send over money to these women nevertheless. The reason for that is obvious again. It is a typical human behavior. “Maybe is she the one in a million who has serious problems” is the key sentence. It is like playing a lottery. Everybody knows the chance to win the jackpot is even worse than one in a million. The chance does nearly not exist. But still we run buying our tickets and pay a lot of money just to have the chance to satisfy one of the most elementary desires in human life. Live in prosperity without worrying about the next day!

But, and now we come to the point where I hope I can catch you. There is one difference between buying lottery tickets to lose in the next drawing for the 100th time and being scammed by a deceiver although you actually knew before, he/she would trick you. You don´t lose your pride in the lottery. But you lose it if you got scammed. I think everybody who sent over money to a woman who awakened emotions in yourself and didn’t hear a single word after that, will agree with me.

That´s why I plead to all you guys searching for a Russian or Ukrainian woman on the Internet … never, really NEVER, send over any money! Now you can say “Hey that guy didn’t meet his Ukrainian wife on the internet … so why does he know and why should I believe him?” and just ignore my words. But I can tell you something. I actually know and met a lot of Russian and Ukrainian women right now (yes, in real life talking to them from face to face) and you can believe me following things:

–          They are self-sufficient

–          They are proud

–          They can care for themselves

–          They have a lot of friends/family members they can rely on

They would NEVER ask someone on the Internet for money before they exhausted all other possibilities before. Believe me, this just doesn’t happen! I would suggest in nearly every Russian/Ukrainian circle of acquaintances there is a person that would help a woman that needs money for important reasons. So be rational and wise when it comes to one of the questions mentioned above. Quit the (fake) relationship you have with that woman (man)! You will get nothing but being humbled! 😉

Sincerely yours,



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