Dating Russian and Ukrainian Women: 15 Years Back and Now

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Today I present you a dating e-book “Dating Russian and Ukrainian Women: 15 Years Back and Now” written Tanja Proidenko, a Ukrainian woman and International dating insider.

A number of Western men particularly American and European men are looking for Russian or Ukrainian brides. They meet these women online or through marriage agencies. The men would start with online dating. Later they fly to Russia or Ukraine to meet their lady love. Their goal is to marry them and bring them to their respective countries. The appeal of Russian women is undeniable. Russian women are greatly sought after by Western men because they are known for their great beauty and wonderful charms. They are not only beautiful on the outside but in their character too. They make the perfect bride, great lover and doting mother to their children. These are the reasons why Western men are drawn to them.

The popularity of dating agencies can attest to the surging demand for Russian or Ukrainian brides in any parts of the world. If you are serious about finding the woman of your dreams in Russia or Ukraine, you should read the popular e-book “Dating Russian and Ukrainian Women: 15 Years Back and Now” by Tanja Proidenko.

Tanja Proidenko’s ebook provides an in-depth look into the thoughts and feelings of Russian and Ukrainian women. It can address various questions and concerns like what makes Russian women tick? How have they evolved through the years? What are they looking for in men? You will get to read some very helpful tips on how to win the Russian ladies’ hearts.

The author Tanya Proidenko is a professional translator, interpreter, tour guide and personal assistant for private businesses owned by foreign investors in Ukraine for the past 14 years. Her extensive experience working for International Dating Agencies enables her to determine what the western men are looking for in their Russian/Ukrainian bride-to-be at the same understand what the ladies want in their future husbands.

Tanya Proidenko

Tanya Proidenko

During her 14-year stint as an assistant for foreign visitors in the Ukraine, she witnessed firsthand how dating and relationships succeeded or failed between Russian women and Western men. Her firsthand observations in the industry allowed her to come up with ideas and tips to help Western men find their ideal women and win their hearts.

The e-book is very unique. It offers a number of tips that are not found in 90 percent of similar e-books written out there. For newcomers to the dating activity, the e-book truly provides them with the basics that are very effective in winning the girl of their dreams.

Tanya has seen how dating has changed drastically through the years. The past 10 to 15 years, the rules of dating in Russia and Ukraine have changed. Yet, dating agencies still assume that the same rules apply up to this day and changes need not be introduced. The way Russian and Ukrainian women think and their life values have changed through the years. Women born before the USSR collapse are different from the women born after. This is because the new breeds of women are now exposed to Western ideologies. They are more empowered and open to the idea of dating Western men.

The Russian or Ukrainian women first started to look for foreign husbands when the USSR was subdivided sometime in 1991 about 22 years ago. When the economic crisis took hold of Russia after the iron curtain fell, women looked for western men to be able to find stability and financial security. Thousands moved out of the country to find and marry Western men. Since Russian and Ukrainian women have traditional values that make them great wives and mothers to their children, Western men were more than willing to make them their brides.

dating russian and ukrainian women

The dating game just like any industry is constantly evolving. It will be naive to presume that it is still the same after 15 years has gone by. After 22 years since Russia fell apart, some lingering questions on dating Russian or Ukrainian women have come out. Are these modern Russian and Ukrainian ladies still willing to marry Western men? Russia has recovered fully since its 1991 collapsed. Also, if a western man dates a Russian, how will he know she is being honest or just scamming him? What should he look for in a potential Russian and Ukrainian bride?

Tanya Proidenko answers all your dating questions in her ebook “Dating Russian and Ukrainian Women: 15 Years Back and Now.” Her blunt, honest assessment and advices on online dating might disillusion some men. However, these men do come out better able to deal with the realities of dating Slavic women as well as know what to expect from the experience.

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