The Ten Commandments for Ukrainian online dating

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Aristotle once said “love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies,” This is something that gives our pursuit purpose because we are simply seeking to be whole. I know a couple of Western men who found their counterparts in Russia and Ukraine, and did so online. One of them wrote that it was the ‘bravest’ thing he had ever done. A sociologist wrote that men are ingrained with the responsibility of approach, but the internet has revolutionized that notion.

Some people look at Ukrainian and Russian online dating as something negative or weak, but it actually requires a lot more trust, and a deeper connection for the two possible half-souls. Some of those success stories have a few warnings. They have been ‘duped’ before and don’t want it to happen again. After reading a few success stories and the kind of things to watch out for, we’ve come up with Ten Commandments you should follow amidst dating a Ukrainian / Russian girl.

First Commandment: Do not send your money to the woman you have never met before

You believe you have found the right Ukrainian / Russian girl, she is everything you think a girl should be. This girl is attentive, funny, attractive and the best part is, she is very interested in you.

Then comes a story, in some strange fashion the woman begins to ask for your help. These scam artists take their time, and you are the investment. They build a relationship and tell you what you want to hear to gain your trust. These people begin to ask for money quite quickly. Be safe, don’t give out money to someone you have not met.

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Second Commandment: Use your common sense

A study done on prominent International dating sites, showed that many men go through dating sites messaging very attractive and sexy women. The study showed the women were thin, curvaceous and of soft facial features.

Most of the time, these men were not exactly fit or extremely attractive (I am sorry for these hard words but this is true :(). The study showed that men usually search for women that are outside of their league. Now, it is not impossible that you could find a girl above your league that is genuinely interested in you, but it is unlikely.

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The scam artists rely on statistics such as these, find men searching for a supermodel, and use this against them. Be safe and remember that old saying, ‘if it’s too good to be true it probably is.’

Third Commandment: Do not rest your hopes on a picture

The third thing to remember is: do not rest your hopes on a picture, you might get disappointed. It is better to converse with your Ukrainian / Russian lady for a long time. Other success stories have relied on webcams to verify the authenticity of the person they met.

One man said that his contact did not have a webcam, but he relied on ‘personal’ photographs. This man had a photograph of the girl from Ukraine he was talking to. During a particular conversation he suggested a certain haircut he liked, she was interested in a change and tried his suggestion. She sent him a picture and it was the same girl.

Fourth Commandment: Find out that your woman from Ukraine is real

Some have found a trend in occupations. Most of the time an imposter will tell you that she is either a model, or an aspiring model. Another way that men have sniffed out a fake is by realizing that they move on ‘love’ a little too quickly. After a few messages the girl might begin to say that they cannot live without you.

Is it possible? Sure, but it is also unlikely. Another way to see if the Ukrainian / Russian woman you have found is real, is by getting her phone number in order to hear her voice. If she says that she does not have a phone you should be leery. A recent study showed that people would rather sacrifice a few meals a week to keep their phones activated.

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Fifth Commandment: Get off the dating site as soon as you can

The fifth to remember is more of a suggestion, but an important one is…get off the dating site as soon as you can. Sure, many Western men have had successful meetings with their Ukrainian / Russian counterparts on the dating site, but many get off the dating site quickly and use an alternative method.

Use Skype, ICQ, Yahoo Instant Messenger or any other free communication method. Be sure to utilize the webcam feature during your conversations, and you should also have a good online interpreter. Needless to say, check your emails often.

Sixth Commandment: Plan in advance financially

Plan ahead, that is one of the oldest lessons? Antiquity does not deteriorate its resonance and power, which is the sixth thing to talk about. Plan ahead financially before taking a trip to Russia & Ukraine. You need to know what you might need out there, and you need to make sure you can come back. You should also not be financing this expedition alone, finding a Ukrainian or Russian girl should also mean finding a girl who will assist you not totally rely on you.

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Seventh Commandment: Learn about the culture & mentality

Clash of cultures can sometimes negatively affect a relationship. This is why experts on ‘interracial’ relationships suggest that learning about the culture where your partner is from, is one of the most important things you can do. It will ensure understanding and even impress your counterpart. Believe me: Ukraine and Russia, like other countries, are rich in culture.

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Eighth Commandment: Do not buy into the hype

Propaganda was designed to curb your perceptions, don’t be so easily manipulated by it because it is your time, heart and money that is on the line here. Numerous International online dating sites oversell the concept of a Ukrainian and Russian lady for dating and marriage, when in reality finding the right girl from Ukraine is about finding an honest girl, and that might take time.

Do not despair, time does not move without you, and what is right for you will happen at the right time.

Ninth Commandment: Pay attention to the Ukraine / Russian dating forums and blogs

Do your research, read what Ukrainian and Russian women are saying, and what they are looking for. Pay attention because the more you know, the better you will sound during your conversations or dating period.

If you don’t find out everything there is to know don’t fret; as Voltaire once said, “judge a man by his questions, rather than his answers,” which is something most dating experts agree with. Not knowing something does not show weakness but curiosity. So feel free to ask questions about what you don’t know.

I recommend to read you following dating forums and blogs:

  1. – another dating blog presented by myself. You find Ukrainian and Russian dating news, videos, stories and dating sites reviews there.
  2. – one of the most popular Russian & Ukrainian women forums. Russian Ukrainian Adventures discussion forum is the busiest Russian & Ukrainian women information and discussion forum on the WEB! If you are interested in a romantic relationship with a partner from Russia, Ukraine, Eastern Europe or the former Soviet Union, this is the place for you.
  3. – Russian Women Discussion is the premier and most progressive resource for those interested in a romantic relationship with a partner from the Former Soviet Union.
  4. – Learn the truth about Russian Women from an American man.

Tenth Commandment: Learn some Russian

The last thing is to learn some Russian, it will show your Ukrainian and Russian girl that you are interested, and that you are serious (Note: some Western men have asked me which language they should learn: Ukrainian or Russian. I recommend to learn Russian because this language is spoken in Ukraine and, as for me, is not so difficult as Ukrainian).

Ukrainian girls

Here are my articles on the Russian and Ukrainian languages in Ukraine:

  1. Ukrainian is Not Russian. Russian is Not Ukrainian
  2. Ukraine: a country divided by language and history
  3. Language situation and language policy in contemporary Ukraine

At least begin with a few simple phrases, perhaps the ones that you will use often such as, asking for her name, address, phone number or what she likes to do.

Guys, if you follow these Ukrainian online dating tips while searching for your dream woman you will be safer, wiser and ready for what is to come. 🙂



Questions? Feel free to ask Krystyna, your Ukrainian dating expert 🙂 (s. here: Contact Krystyna)



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