Ukrainian women and Materialism: Some reasons for that

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No doubts, misconceptions about women translate through all cultures, countries, religions and geographies. This is, in my opinion, because all too often women are viewed as being materialistic by nature based on the fact that women tend to appreciate and enjoy having nice things. Though on the forefront this may make it seem as if women are materialistic; it is merely just a case of misunderstanding the appreciation for nice things that women have by nature.

One specific group of women, Ukrainian and Russian women, are often viewed in this negative manner much more than Western women or those from other countries. This is due to the vast changes that have occurred throughout Ukraine and Russia over the decades and thus have produced a generation of Ukrainian and Russian women that are well educated, intelligent and much worldlier in nature. This has made them much more aware about things that are available for those who work hard and truly appreciate nice things.

ukrainian girl

Ukrainian girl

As you know, Ukrainian and Russian women still have very strong family values and cultural ties, however, I have to mention that they have also found that being exposed to the wonderful world of fashion, jewelry, cars, homes and other material items has grabbed their attention in the same way it has for many other women. This is something that should be viewed as a natural event and not something that is negative or solely an issue about Ukrainian and Russian women.

Perhaps many see that the more modern women of Post-Soviet Ukraine and Russia are much more interested and intrigued by material items but that is a function of the changing world they and everyone else lives in.

In my opinion, this is because Ukrainian and Russian women have access to magazines, newspapers, the Internet and social media. This has opened their world up to those material items that many other women have grown to love and thus desire.

This should not be viewed as a materialistic viewpoint by Ukrainian and Russian women as it is no more materialistic than any other woman who wants nice things. In fact, one would be hard pressed to find many women who do not appreciate and enjoy having good clothing, nice shoes and high quality handbags.

Western men who have the perception that Ukrainian and Russian women are passive, uneducated and sheltered will find that this is simply not the case. It is also important to realize that our women are not gold diggers, green card seekers or materialistic and shallow.

ukraine women

They are like all other women in that they want love, a family, a nice lifestyle, nice things and someone to treat them with respect. The cultural changes that have occurred in Ukraine and Russia throughout the years have left the perception of Ukrainian and Russian ladies slightly behind the times and that truly has been a disservice to those women who are really not much different than women from other countries.

Once one step back and sees that women from Ukraine are not any more materialistic than any other woman will come to find that the other innate qualities of Ukrainian ladies set them apart as a unique and special type of woman. Yes, it is true that Ukraine and Russian women enjoy nice things like others, but they also have this amazing history that they cherish where family, love, respect and compassion drive their actions.

To my mind, this is why Ukrainian and Russian women are a very sought after mate for many Western men as they really are an ideal combination of traditional and non-traditional qualities that most men simply find engaging, appealing and attractive.



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