The “mail order bride” industry: development & future

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Gone are the days when you could order a “mail order bride” from Ukraine or Russia the way you could a pizza. Western men who want to get married a Ukrainian / Russian woman are wondering if there is any chance to find a honest and serious woman from Ukraine or Russia via online dating services. There was a time when it was almost as simple. But no longer…

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Today, I would like to discuss what is the Ukrainian / Russian mail order bride industry at the present time: big Internaional online dating sites like, or or matchmaking agencies with personal service? My another question is who are these modern “mail order brides”: women looking for love abroad or Green Card brides.

The development of Ukrainian dating business: Western men meet scammers…

The Ukrainian / Russian mail order bride industry is not what it used to be, and scams abound. These are perpetrated by professional scammers who create fake dating agencies that describe non-existent women for the purpose of luring in unsuspecting men. The men, of course, are expected to pay for meeting the women. While there are legitimate International dating services like Mordinson or KievConnections, don’t depend even on those to find the love of your life.

There is no doubt that the Ukrainian and Russian marriage industry is characterized by scams of one form or another (professional pro-daters, scam dating agencies and sites, scam groups that create fake profiles on dating sites, etc.). The fact is that it becomes very hard and problematical to find honest and serious Ukrainian and Russian women actively seeking a foreign husband through online dating services.

The way it works nowadays is for a Western man to pay for a certain amount of credits that go towards instant messaging. This isn’t as uncomplicated as it sounds. That’s because there is often a language barrier that obstructs free-flowing conversation which in any event is rarely deep.

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Although it is against the rules, the women try to prolong the conversations with provocative talk. The more money they can get the men to spend, the more they earn for themselves. For example, one woman said “I dream to find a man who is tender and caring.” Another said “…your photo caught my eye.” These encouraging remarks give men the confidence to continue the conversation thus spending more credits.

The “mail order bride” industry: a lot of money, scam and emotions

The international dating agencies report earnings of $110 million in 2012 and earnings are projected to be $140 million in 2013. Its user traffic grew 220% in 2012, and now has four million users who spend hundreds of millions of dollars per year in hours on the site.

Who are these people who yearn for love in a foreign clime? It’s a safe bet that the women (from Ukraine and Russia) come from economically depressed areas and hope to better their circumstances. The men are usually between 35 and 60 years old and earn about $100,000 a year. Why can’t they find local women to date? There are no provable statistics about this, but it is probable they have been disappointed in love locally and hope to find better luck, and perhaps more submissive women, in Russia and Ukraine.

I will not reveal a big secret if I say that there are many women usually seeking a green card, which they get when they marry an American national. Then they can continue to live in America, even if they divorce. For some women, that is all they need to fulfill their dreams of escape from a harsh cold climate, an impoverished life and no prospects of improvement. But…

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The future of Ukrainian dating business

From my experience, I would like to mention that many Ukrainian and Russian women registered on online dating services are really serious about a relationship, dating and marriage. I know that cross-cultural relationships will continue as they have done since God was a lad and real. If you are motivated, have better than average interpersonal skills and follow a few simple anti-scam rules, you have a really good chance to find a Ukrainian lady through the WEB.

The international dating industry has radically changed from the mail order bride trade of ten years ago. In 1999 there were about 200 international marriage brokers who organized between 4,000 and 6,000 marriages. Ten years later, there were 400 such agencies, or roughly double, with between 10,000 and 15,000 weddings resulting. That is a resounding success for the dating agencies and, hopefully, the men and women involved.

For some people, a Ukrainian dating agency doesn’t sound the least bit romantic. But what is someone to do who lives far away with no chance of meeting someone from America, let’s say. In my opinion, small matchmaking and marriage agencies in Ukraine and Russia offer Western men a real chance to meet real women with honest intentions. You get personal service and real profiles of the potentional brides. In any case, if you are serious about finding a wife from Ukraine, you should think about this possibility.

I would like to say a few words about the development of social networks in recent times. Free dating sites like and social networks like have the potential to create some serious competition in the paid online dating industry. Why should men pay thousands of dollars for using online dating sites if they can get acquainted with a woman from Ukraine for free? As for me, free dating sites and social networks could be a good oppurtunity to search a woman from Ukraine or Russia online. I recommend you to read my articles on this topic to get more information:

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Remember that…

unfortunately, there are safety problems in meeting a stranger in a strange land. Sometimes the foreign brides are prey. A Texas man planned to kidnap and kill a woman he met online. There are also many cases of domestic violence, including murder, in (mail order bride) intercultural marriages.

There is now a federal statute to protect women brought to the U.S. through the services of international marriage brokers. Called the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act, it was not popular with the dating agencies that saw it as a threat to their business when it was introduced.



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