NO SHORTCUTS!: Some important facts about Ukrainian dating

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Recently, I found an interesting article “No Shortcuts!” by a Ukrainian blogger Galyna Tate. In her blog post, Galyna describes some important facts about Ukrainian dating. You can ask me why I want to talk about this blog post. The answer is easy, namely: Galyna has gained a lot of experience with International online dating. She moved to the USA for starting an adventurous relationship and marriage with a Western man. The blogger knows almost everything about challenges, concerns and doubts, devotion and frustration as well as internal battles in a cross-cultural relationship and marriage. So what does Galyne write in her article?

There are thousands of Western men who travel to the Ukraine each year to find a potential wife. Some men are successful in their search and do find a Ukrainian bride. 2010 data for the U.S. says that the Ukraine and Russia were not the prominent areas where male travelers visited to find a new bride. This section of the international match making world is not among the top ten countries where international dating occurred.

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Other countries have tended to fair better. Mexico and China were among the top countries in this dating field. The Philippines and India were two of the top choices. Other countries for international dating included those in Latin American and additional southeast Asian countries. Many of these male travelers are visiting these top ten countries for dating purposes and to search for a possible spouse.

This type of dating often requires several trips to the country where the prospective bride lives. The decision to marry is like any other major decision. The bride may want to move to the U.S. This type of commitment and procedure takes around two years to complete. The arrangement to marry and to live in the U.S. usually involves several months of legal filing. There are certain documents that must be obtained before the bride can move to the U.S. Some spouses decide to live in the bride’s country of origin as well.

A trip to visit a prospective spouse in the Ukraine can be expensive. Usually the trip costs around $3,000.00 to $5,000.00 in total. A week stay is an average stay for this kind of visit overseas. Some of these relationships last beyond the trips and gifts that are offered to the prospective bride. There are those other relationships that dissolve like any other type of dating. Making connections in the Ukraine is one reason that a suitor may choose to date someone in this area of the world. These connections are often expensive, and the relationship may be superficial.

Some men travel to the Ukraine in order to acquire certain business connections. The relationship may taken a second seat with this kind of match making. These arrangements often do not last. Just dating someone this far away seems like an expensive venture. A new relationship with someone in the Ukraine will be like any other relationship. The prospective wife may be looking for certain qualities in a future spouse. Age may be important, and she may want someone closer to her own age. Taking care of someone financially may be an end result for this type of superficial arrangement.

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Galyna points out that expectations are important. Finding the right spouse can mean traveling to see her and taking her gifts. There are additional qualifications that are necessary and realistic. Age and physical attraction may be important for both parties to consider. Common interests are critical in order to have a mental connection. Spiritual concerns are important to some people. There are no shortcuts to finding the perfect bride.

Going to a foreign country and expecting anything different than a normal dating situation is unrealistic. The potential bride has family concerns and personal expectations for her future husband. Mutual respect is important, and this respect should come from both sides who are thinking about marrying one another. Building a future together is certainly a realistic goal. Marriage could mean future children from this union. The bride’s family may want to be involved in the child rearing as well. There are no shortcuts anywhere, and realism is expected from any future son-in-law.

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