The beautiful Russian bride Olga

Krystyna presents: a single Russian bride for dating & marriage Olga

Olga’s light brown hair is tied up behind her head in a bun. Her green eyes stare into yours like you have known each other all your lives. Here petite little body, only weighing 114 pounds, is slim and slender on a 5″4′ frame.

Olga explains herself as a faithful and caring woman. She is interested in finding out real information about herself. She wants a family where she can raise children and see the world.

russian woman

Her pale white skin looks so pure and honest. The craving in her eyes is accentuated by her pursed lips. The white fishnet she is wearing shows you just enough of her amazing body while never truly showing you enough.

Ms. Olga believes that in the near future she will find someone that compliments her. Together, they will build a relationship full of harmony based on mutual love, trust, and understanding.

woman of russia

Olga keeps her tight young body that way by going to the gym often, swimming, skiing, and doing fitness. She enjoys to read and listen to music as well.

She is divorced and has two children that she cares for. She has some college education and is a Christian.

russian bride

Olga’s phone number and address are not available but if you sign up for you will be able to see more pictures of the beautiful woman and possibly get her e-mail address.

Olga asks that she find a strong an mature man who is ready to take responsibility of his life. She wants to know that he is ready for this to all happen, morally as well as financially.

Personal Data:

personal data

Will you, dear men, meet Olga, a Russian woman for dating & marriage?

russian woman for dating

Contact Olga through her page on to see if you spark each others interest. She will be here from Russia in now time and wrapping her arms around you.

Questions? Feel free to ask Krystyna, your Ukrainian dating expert 🙂 (s. here: Contact Krystyna)



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