First date questions that create an enjoyable conversation with Ukrainian women

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I haven’t written so long on Ukrainian Dating Blog… It is not always easy to find time for writing… I am sorry about that. But let’s go!

As you know, meeting Russian and Ukrainian women could very well change the life of a single man ;). Do you know that the process of meeting a bride from Ukraine all starts with that all important great first date. It is on the first date that good conversational skills play a critical role.

Meeting a Ukrainian woman can be easy or can be complicated… Asking someone out on a date is not all that difficult either. The problem so that so many men face when they do go out on a date, they stumble blindly. Their conversations skills may be lacking and this leads to the date not really going anywhere in a positive direction.

For those wondering how they can improve their first date with a Ukrainian/Russian woman, it is best to have a few good questions in mind (I’ve checked them on my experiences and can surely say that they work! ;)). This way, the conversation on the date can flow and flow well. None of the questions are necessarily profound. Rather, they are simply designed to get to know the other person better.

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What can make a first date with Ukrainian and Russian women difficult is many men become tongue tied. They would love for the date to go very well because they are interested in finding wonderful woman for life, dating and marriage. They just cannot make the conversation flow the way they want to because they do not know enough about the culture of the woman they are with to say anything. Or, at least, that is the impression they give themselves.

This leads us to addressing the biggest mistake men make when out on a date. They fail to ask any questions. Rather, they end up trying to do all the talking. Whether they do this because they are trying to sell themselves or impress someone is irrelevant. The end result will be a very bored woman at the other end of the conversation. Such feelings of boredom are not exactly going to lead to a second date.

Asking questions can help you avoid such a scenario. Through being inquisitive about the lady you are on a date with, you help establish rapport and interest. This is not a suggestion to turn the date into an inquisition. That would not be fun at all! Rather, you just want the conversation on the date flow as well as possible and this can only be achieved by asking the right questions.

You could say a first date is somewhat like a job interview, although a date will definitely be a lot more fun. In all all seriousness, you do need to start the date out on the right foot. That means you begin it with some nice pleasantries and a genuine compliment. Compliments can take you far because they may help you appear likable and it can also make you seem interesting. Similarly, it will shows you like them and display equal interest. A relationship cannot develop when the two parties lack interest in one another. Good conversation skills and the ability to ask the right questions will all contribute greatly to enhancing interest levels.

This takes up into the very necessary art of asking questions. The best questions are those that help stimulate a conversation. You do not want to ask absurd questions or ones that might make a date uncomfortable. Do not embarrass yourself by leading your date to run for the exits. Do not let any feelings of nervousness override your better judgment and lead you to asking a really off the wall, disastrous question.

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Be sure to mix up the questions you ask. You can bounce around somewhat between different topics. The questions should be open ended ones where the conversation does not take a finite turn towards ”yes or no” answers. Doing so leads to a lot of awkward silence. It also cuts a conversation off and eliminates the ability to flow from topic to topic learning more about each other in the process. You do want to conversation to be organic and lively. This will contribute greatly to allowing the first date to turn out well. Of course, the first date must turn out well for their to be any more of them.

Here are some ideas for interesting first date questions:

  1. How was your day/week? (→ asking this question leads to five/ten solid minutes of a nice discussion/conservation and you can get a deep insight about the everyday life of your possible match)
  2. Are you close to your family? Tell me about your family and friends. (→ when you enter a relationship with a Ukrainian woman you’re also entering a relationship with her family and friends)
  3. What do you like to do in your free time? / What do you do after work every day? (→ these questions help you find out the Ukrainian woman’s preferences and also helps you establish if she has any free time or if she is a workaholic)
  4. Where did you study? / Where do you work? / What do you do at work? (→ tthese questions help you drive a few minutes of an intense dialogue and you can learn about the personality of the woman, namely: your woman has creative or rather analytical skills, she is career or family oriented, etc.)
  5. What are your favorite hobbies? (→ as for me, this is always a good way to find out what the Ukrainian woman is really into. Most people glow about their hobbies because it is what they LIKE to do)
  6. If you could travel the world, which are the five places you’d never miss? (→ helps you figure out whether you have a general idea about the holiday)
  7. How would you define a (cross-cultural) relationship? (→ in my opinion, it is a really important question that leads to a great and enjoyable conservation. It is meaningful for you both that you have common ideas about a happy relationship and marriage)

Guys, I am sure these7 ideas for the first date questions are really easy to use at any point in your conversation during your date with a Ukrainian or Russian lady. Try them, and you’ll positively seem like a really enjoyable conversation and leave a great first impression, too! 😉

And the more dates you go on, the closer you become to finding a lifelong paramour. 🙂

Sincerely yours,



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