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Graham Phillips, a British journalist and blogger, published an exclusive interview with A Foreign Affair CEO John Adams on his website dedicated to Ukraine and Russia grahamwphillips.com.

Here is a brief description of the A Foreign Affair (LoveMe.com) interview:

A Foreign Affair (AFA), which is an international introductions service under the ownership of John Adams, has been for quite a while received some negative coverage from the media. However, AFA has proven to be different from other International online dating sites as disclosed by its President, John Adams.

a foreign affair

The introduction service basically offers a platform for both Western men and women from Ukraine, Russia, Asia and South America to introduce themselves to one another for one sole purpose; form relationships that are geared towards the creation of a strong marriage.

AFA being a global service therefore isn’t strict on how people get to introduce each other. For instance, they can opt to exchange letters or to even travel in order to physically meet and get to know each other better. Moreover, AFA offers other very friendly services which include the use of travel packages that brings in together different clubs or groups. These trips are not just aimed at making people meet and interact but to also get to have fun and enjoy each other’s company.

Ideally, the main purpose of AFA is to enable men and women who feel that they have exhausted other means of meeting people. AFA therefore takes the initiative of broadening their search. As a matter of fact, AFA seems to stand out from all the other services for it creates an opportunity for people to meet in either groups or personally in two’s.

Unlike the misconception that most of the men join similar services for sex, AFA has proven to be different in that, a greater majority of the men who sign up are usually serious and looking for real love. AFA further states clearly that the service is geared towards helping people find love, and not sex.

In case of the latter, one is advised that this isn’t the right service to look for sexual services. Similarly, as noted by Mr. Adams, women too are very genuine in what they are looking for and do not in any way sign up for the sake of finding men with money. But, as it has been noted, a lot of men love meeting women from Asian countries as well as those from Latin America and Ukraine, because they are believed to make good wives.

AFA was initially started in 1995 by a team of three; John Adams, Ron Redburn and Kenneth Agee. Today, it has 18 physical offices located in different parts of the world and a limitless numbers of virtual offices.

Here is the beginning of the interview:

Question: Describe AFA, in your words…. 

John Adams: AFA is a full service International Introduction service. Our goal is to introduce men and women globally for the purpose of serious relationships and marriages. We offer many different ways to do this, including simply writing letters and going over to meet the woman on your own.

Or using any of the travel packages that we have such as group tours, or clubs, or the Executive Service to meet many different women in person to see where the best chemistry is. We try to make the trips as enjoyable as possible while still being as efficient and effective as possible.

Question: Why do people use AFA?

John Adams: I think AFA provides a great option/opportunity for both men and women who, for whatever reason, are not finding who they are looking for where they are looking and wish to expand their search. I do not think AFA is exclusive in that men and women will continue to date domestically, but this is just another option.

Question: How does AFA differ to other options available?

John Adams: I think AFA provides a full level of service, as much or as little as you like, which makes it quite different from other services. It is very personal and can be very focused or you can use it in a much more general way, so there is something for everyone regardless of the level of service you are looking for.

However, for those that do opt for the much more personal service, such as the tours or the Executive service, I think they find that AFA offers a level of personal interaction that is very difficult to match or duplicate. We are the only service that I know of that has 18 offices spread around the world, as well as many affiliate offices to offer personalized assistance virtually anywhere our clients go.

You can read the whole interview with John Adams here:




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