Independence Day of Ukraine 2013

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Maybe, you know that today is Independence Day in Ukraine. Though the declaration of independence of the sovereign state of Ukraine was issued on a cold December day, the country celebrates its independence on August 24. This date is used not only to commemorate independence, but it is used to commemorate a country and a culture that Ukranians find to be wholly unique from the rest of the russian-speaking world.

Independence Day Ukraine

The Ukraine’s independence day is like that is any other country. It is a national holiday that is celebrated throughout the land with food, song, dance, and jubilation. Celebrating it with the Ukranians means that you will be taking in folk music that you can only find in their part of the world. Their regional dishes are food that now one else prepares, and they native folk dances are unique to their people.

Parades will walk down city streets, bands and musicians will play all day long. Not just the national anthem of the Ukraine will be played, but every national song that everyone has known by heart since they were a child.

Ukranians gather is lrage groups, many families together so that the children can play and the adults can hear and tell stories of the old country that they work so hard to preserve to this day so that their heritage never fades away. Yes, this day is about freedom from the Soviets, but it is even more about pride that these people take in their heritage and their unique culture.

Ukrainian Independence Day

In the Ukraine, these are proud people who are jubilant on their Independence Day because it has not been very long since they knew the tyranny and oppression fo the old Soviet Union.



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