Paid dating sites or marriages agencies: Three common ways to find a Ukrainian bride

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In today’s world it is often very difficult to meet people with similar interests, especially for those that have little time for dating and may be looking for specific things like personality, body type, or ethnicity. Those attracted to Ukrainian and Russian women will find meeting one a little more difficult in Western society, but there are some common ways to meet Ukrainian and Russian women.

Following the simple steps in this guide will give you the advice needed to meet and make a love connection with the Ukrainian or Russian woman of your dreams.

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Way #1: Paid International online dating sites

If you’re in the market for a Ukrainian and Russian bride, you can try a few paid International dating sites. In my opinion, this is one of the best ways to meet a woman from the Ukraine or Russia who are looking for a Western man. There are several benefits to an International site, which is mainly the communication tools available, and access to several Ukrainian and Russian women in one place. You’ll also be able to learn something about them. Through paid International sites members can send unlimited emails, as well as view all pictures of the women.

Memberships at these sites will vary in range and style. Some will offer a few very basic services, wherein users can choose specific services they deem most important. There will also be premium accounts, wherein all services are included at a reduced cost. The best thing about paid services is it allows for connecting directly with the women. Most sites like also allow for chat and video via Skype, ICQ, Messenger and others.

But… don’t forget Ukrainian dating scam!!!

While the quality of women from Ukraine and Russia frequenting these online dating sites may be substantially better, none of the dating sites, including the paid sites can guarantee you won’t meet a scammer.

My advice to you is do a little preliminary research on the dating site you plan to join and determine what kind of reviews it’s getting. Pay particular attention to what other members are saying about the site and what their experiences were with women that frequented the site (e.g. here: This may determine what type of experience you can expect. After determining what sites you will join consider it an adventure, and keep a positive attitude.

I recommend you to read following ANTI-SCAM ebooks:

  1. Ukrainian dating guide “Avoiding scams” by Krystyna (for free)
  2. ANTI-SCAM guide written for Elena Petrova, a Russian woman expert (for only $24.95)

Way #2: Ukrainian matchmaking and marriage agencies

Another common way to meet Ukrainian and Russian women is through a matchmaking or marriage broker. If you choose to use a marriage agency some of the reputable ones are Mordinson, Kiev Connections or

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The advantage of using a matchmaking and marriage agency is that compared to the bigger paid dating sites they offer a personal approach, such as personal cultural / dating advice and consulting. These services simply don’t exist with paid dating sites. They also act as a way to screen women since they personally interview each woman using the service. While these services can be expensive, the added benefit is they also greatly reduce the possibility of meeting scammers and dishonest people.

From my experience, I would say that Western men, on average, are much more satisfied with the quality of women through a matchmaking service. Part of this is probably because men have a much better chance of actually making a serious love connection through a matchmaking service, instead of spending a lot of time chatting and in the end understanding this isn’t really a love connection.

Other times, paid dating sites result in the woman’s intentions being less than positive, and may involve such things as fake names and accounts, usually for the purpose of extracting money. In light of experiences like this, sometimes it’s worth paying a little more to a matchmaker to ensure your time and efforts are not wasted.

You find more information and reviews on some Ukrainian matchmaking agencies in my articles:

Kiev Connections:




All Beautiful:


Way #3: Free online dating sites and social networks

The other alternative is of course the free sites, such as social networking and free dating sites. Free dating sites, as well as social networking, attracts all kinds of people. Just because you have good intentions don’t assume everyone does.

I would like to recommend my readers to use free dating sites:


These sites are simple to use and totally free. You can lose only your time (but not your money).
You find more information and tips how to find a woman from Ukraine on a social network here:

  1. Tips how to use to find a Ukrainian woman for life
  2. as an alternative to International dating sites
  3. Review – from a Western man’s point of view
  4. Pay or not pay?: Krystyna’s review of free Russian & Ukrainian dating services

Use common sense and don’t jump head over heels for someone upon first talking to them. Be suspicious of women who say they love you right away, or begin talking about money. Be aware there are many Ukrainian dating scams that will take advantage of western men seriously looking for a bride. Not all agencies are honest either. Some send pictures of women that don’t exist, or put you in contact with women only looking for money.

ukraine dating

If something doesn’t feel right then go with your instincts and refuse to be the victim of a scam. There are many other legitimate services, whose women are real. Remember that free usually means there is lots of opportunity for the system to be abused.

Above all keep a positive attitude, and check out the dating and matchmaking services you use. I highly recommend you to make sure all dating services are legitimate before paying any money, and obtain references of Western men and Ukrainian / Russian women that the service has successfully matched, resulting in marriage.

If they successfully matched a couple they should be able to send you names and emails so that you can obtain a glowing reference. Otherwise, if they cannot beware of the service and pick another that will. Keep in mind you are looking for a quality woman to spend the rest of your life with, and so the service should be quality as well.

Once you trust the service and they find you a match enjoy the adventure of learning not only about the woman, but her personality, her culture, her hopes and her dreams. In the end, by using the available resources to meet a Ukrainian or Russian woman, you might just make a life-long love connection, which will have been well worth the expense and effort.



Questions? Feel free to ask Krystyna, your Ukrainian dating expert 🙂 (s. here: Contact Krystyna)



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