Can we trust Ukrainian dating and marriage agencies?

Hello Krystyna,

Congratulations on creating such an informative and interesting website, which is helping me to understand Slavic women :).

I have recently been a member of a monthly subscription dating site, which was a mixture of ‘agency’ and ‘private email’ ladies.  My experience was definitely interesting!  Many agency ladies sent me their introductory letters, although they were mostly inappropriate because I am seeking an English-speaking lady close to my own age (mid-40s to mid-50s).  After reading various blogs and forums, I have begun to wonder if some ladies may have been misrepresented by the agency.

I am sure that the majority of the agency ladies aged 35+ are honest and sincere in their search for love.  To-date, I have been unable to find a full explanation of how the marriage agency system works.  It seems that the ladies need to sign an agency contract, which could explain their reluctance to exchange personal contact details.

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My question for you is quite simple – does the agency charge the ladies either a joining fee or a monthly fee?  If so, then it would help explain the pushy nature of many agency ladies (agency staff?).

Thank you in advance for your help with my question.




Krystyna answers:



Hello Eric,

thank you for your message and especially for your warm words about my job as a Ukrainian dating blogger! 🙂

I hope I can help you with my point of view and experience with Ukrainian marriage agencies. There are Ukrainian dating and marriage agencies with a good image; but there are dating sites with a plenty of negative reviews, as well. Moreover, a lot of marriage agencies work suspicious. Unfortunately, I have to say that I know NO Ukrainian online dating site and agency which may be scam-free.

On each International dating site you can get scammed (either of the dating agency, or scammers and professional pro-daters). There are very many Russian/Ukrainian online dating sites which do not work seriously or there are a lot of scammers and professional pro-daters on them.

But I would say that there are both real and trustworthy Ukrainian marriage and matchmaking agencies as well as scams. The best way is to get the personal contact data (phone numbers, email address or Facebook/ profile) of the Ukrainian women as soon as possible to remove any marriage / dating agency or site from your communications. In my opinion, this best technique you are protected from untrustworthy Ukrainian and Russian marriage and matchmaking agencies that want to make their money off your correspondence and will be certain to correspond with the lady not with a hired author.

Moreover, it is a known fact that some marriage agencies and dating sites pay girls for chatting with Western men so that they buy more or more credits. One of my readers told me that he spent about 2000 euro per week for chatting with a woman on a dating site without having known if the woman is real or not. Besides, I found the following information on the WEB:

Sometimes a herd of interpreters is working for an unscrupulous marriage agency owner wanting to boost his profits. But they are not translating. They are actually fabricating the letters. They impersonate the ladies rather than work for them. The real ladies may not be even aware that someone is corresponding on their behalf.

The creative interpreters may be even as bold as to invite the man to visit n the lady’s behalf. Often, at the time of his arrival for the meeting hopeful Romeo will be informed that his lady had an unexpected family emergency and cannot attend the meeting. He will be offered a list of other, not quite as model-quality looking girls who are available to meet at the moment.


I also published 5 stories of such translators on my blog. Read here:

My advice to you is do not use the marriage agency or dating site that does not allow their customer to have a direct contact with women. It is not serious, as for me. As for me, if you have a direct contact to the woman, you have a good chance to find out if your woman has serious intentions or not.



Questions? Feel free to ask Krystyna, your Ukrainian dating expert 🙂 (s. here: Contact Krystyna)



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    My regards to you i am looking for an Ukrainian wife because i know and heard that they are the most prettiest girls in europe and i hope to help me with that because i am planing to come to Ukraine soon so before i come i wish to know were to go so not to waste time and money in this thanks for your time reading and answering me.

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