How to ask for personal contact information: Take your online romance to the next step

Dear friends,

Have you been talking to a special woman from Ukraine or Russia, but aren’t quite sure how to take your relationship to the next level? You aren’t alone. Almost all Western men searching for a Ukrainian woman online have experienced this at some point in time.

Asking for any woman’s number can often be intimidating, but for Western men using paid Russian & Ukrainian online dating sites, it can be even more of a challenge. Nevertheless, exchanging personal contact information is an important and exciting step for both of you. Fortunately, if you follow these simple tips and guidelines, you and your Ukrainian sweetheart will be hand in hand in no time! 🙂

Tip #1: Leave money out of the equation

When you’re talking to a Ukrainian woman early on, whether it’s online or in-person, it’s always a good idea to leave money out of the conversation. When you begin to ask for her personal contact information, don’t mention or complain about the cost of your dating site membership.

Instead, express to her that you feel that your relationship with her has advanced and, due to that reason, you want to extend your communication beyond the online dating site. You want her to feel like a significant, important part of your life. You need to be careful not to come across as though your goal is simply to save money.

Tip #2: Send her a friend request

Take a break from Facebook and consider joining VK. VK is a popular FUS social network, so it’s very likely that she has her own page there. By creating your own account, you can easily exchange messages with her as well as get a better general idea of how she communicates with her friends.


Read how to use VKontakte to find a wife from Ukraine or Russia here:

This is also a good way for the two of you to share photos of yourselves and your loved ones with one another. You can post flattering comments on her photos or leave her with a sweet, romantic note that makes her feel special and reminds her of you each time she views it.

You can join VK at the following link:

Tip #3: “Meet” on Skype

With so many popular video chat programs available, there’s no reason not to utilize them. Let her know that you’ve really enjoyed connecting with her online, but would like to get to know her better through video chat. Both of you should be enthusiastic and eager to set up a “Skype date” for the first time.


If she seems to have no interest in this or makes frequent excuses, this may be an unfortunate sign that she’s not as serious about the relationship as you are. As long as both of you can communicate in either Russian or English, there should be no reason not to begin having video conversations.

Hearing each other’s voices for the first time is a fun and exciting step. By investing this “live time” together, you can slowly begin to discuss the details of your future travel plans and your first real date.

Tip #4:  Send an old-fashioned love letter

After you’ve spent a countless number of hours talking, laughing, and getting to know each other, you may find that you’re ready to begin the process of planning a meeting. Once you’ve exchanged addresses and are slowly making travel plans, a snail mail letter or postcard is a fun, romantic way to bridge the gap between the two of you.

She’ll appreciate being able to hold something that you’ve held, something that travelled all the way from your world to hers. Since your relationship has been very modern so far, this simple old-fashioned gesture will be even more romantic and memorable.



Questions? Feel free to ask Krystyna, your Ukrainian dating expert 🙂 (s. here: Contact Krystyna)



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  1. Peter says:

    Hi Krystina,
    I’ve just requested the contact information of several women that I ‘qualify’ to now contact from Online Dating Ukraine. But they want me to fill out an IMBRA form first. I understand this form is only required if one is applying for a marriage visa, which is not what I’m requesting. Should I go head and give them all my personal information anyway – what would you recommend ?
    Thanks again for your time 🙂

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