3 tips on how to deal with Ukrainian & Russian online scammers

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As you know, finding a wife is something than many men strive for daily. For Western men this can be even more important than for many other men. The problem isn’t in the fact that men are looking for someone to settle down with. The problem isn’t even in the fact that these very same men begin showing interest in Ukrainian and Russian women hoping to find one to settle down with. The problem is in the fact that these men begin getting messages from presumably unfortunate Ukrainian and Russian woman they assume are looking for a husband.

Ukrainian and Russian online scams are more of a problem than most realize. They have robbed more innocent men of their hard earned money than any other scam out there today. Recognizing these scams before becoming a victim is the first step in scam prevention. In fact, recognizing these scams is the only way to ensure that you don’t fall prey to one of the dishonest groups behind these supposedly beautiful women in need of help.

Ukrainian and Russian brides in need of help, from men with money, is one of the biggest scams used today and it is used on more Western men than you might imagine. The entire scam begins with a message, from a Ukrainian woman that a Western man might be interested in for marriage, arriving stating that the woman in question is in “serious” need of money for a mother (or father) who was in a car accident. It typically goes on to say that the help is needed as soon as possible.

ukrainian online dating scam

Most unknowing men don’t think twice before sending money. Unfortunately, it is because most men aren’t thinking before sending the money at all. If a stranger had stopped this very same man on the street and asked for money, the answer would probably be NO. It is the mind’s ability to run wild that takes control of the action and it is the imagination that automatically turns this situation into a very real, and very safe situation.

Another scam that is used by many so called Ukrainian and Russian women looking for a Western husband is the all too familiar “translator scam”. This is the scam in which weeks of wonderful email correspondence, from a presumably beautiful Ukrainian lady, are followed by a tragic email informing the man involved that the Ukrainian / Russian woman has tragically lost her job. It typically goes on to say that continuing the correspondence would mean a lot to her however, a translator would need to be needed and the translator will run approximately $400.00 per month.

This scam is even worse than the first scam in that it is an ongoing scam that can affect an individual’s financial situation for an extended period of time. It is a scam that is almost undetectable as trust was immediately built before any money was requested. Getting out of this scam, before it is too late, is not very likely so it is all in the prevention with this particular scam.

russian online scam

The following are a list of tips that can be used to deal with these Ukrainian and Russian online scams:

Tip #1 – The first tip is the most important tip and following this one tip alone can prevent any scam from being played on anyone. This very important tip is simply not to deal with online correspondence in this way altogether. Save your time, money, and energy for realistic endeavors that you can see, feel, and touch.

Tip #2 – If you find yourself in a situation where a translator is requesting money for translation services, ask for documents identifying the translator. These could include official government ID, car registration, tax ID, or any other form of official identification.

Tip #3 – The easiest way to recognize a scam is to realize that situations that seem too good to be true, or that require money in order to continue, are usually just that…too good to be true. Never send money to someone you don’t know or that you just met online. If you can’t verify the identification of the individual on the other end of the conversation, it is highly likely that you are about to be scammed.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to find someone special to spend your life with. It is wrong, however, to entrust your life savings to unknown online entities who are only out to harm you. Be aware and prevent Ukrainian and Russian online scams from occurring today.



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