The best age for Western men to begin a search for a Ukrainian bride

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As a westerner, the men seeking a Ukrainian & Russian woman needs to understand a few things about the women from Ukraine and Russia that are seeking a man and why they have decided to look for a western man to have a relationship with. The Russian and Ukrainian ladies looking to have a relationship with a man of the western world are in no way uneducated, simple, or desperate. As a matter of fact, most have a valued education, are quite intellectual, and tend to be very choosey when dating.

A man’s age can mean different things to Ukrainian & Russian ladies. If he is younger than she is, then the woman looks at him as if he is immature. If he is the same age that she is, he is still lacking in maturity. If he is older than her, then he is mature, dependable, and trustworthy. From my experience, I would mention that the older man is seen as the perfect guarantee of her future well-being when thinking of her future.

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When men are genuine and sincere in their feelings, live an upstanding life, and will provide for a woman’s needs and that of her children, she stops looking at looks, age, and the size of a bank account. Showing her that he is a hard worker, just as she is, will also be a benefit to the westerner looking for a Ukrainian & Russian woman.

As I have written already, the reason that most Russian women are looking at western men is due to the quality and quantity of the men within their own country (read more here: “The male/female sex ratio in Ukraine and Russia”). These women had chosen to go after a college degree rather than becoming married at a young age after first exiting from their general education. When they came home, all of the good catches within the acceptable males were already married or deceased.

From my point of view, the very best age for a western man to start searching for a woman from Ukraine and Russia would be while in his thirties. It is in the thirties that the western man holds the most attraction for the young, eighteen to twenty five year old’s. This is the age group that is commonly desired by most western men of all ages.

Western men may feel free to begin a search for a Ukrainian & Russian wife at any age because to us ladies from these both countries, age is a sign of maturity and security. There is no doubt that most of the Russian and Ukrainian women look for men that are no more than fifteen years their senior. When a man is in his late forties to early fifties, he needs to keep this in mind, the early thirties is the youngest age of the Russian and Ukrainian females that he will attract or draw the interest of.

Older men that are fifty five will need to consider that unless they are well off in a gracefully aged manner or has an abundant financial portfolio, the youngest age of the Ukrainian and Russian women for marriage that he will attract is going to be around forty or so. A woman in her twenties will very rarely give a man in his fifties a second glance unless he is incredibly good looking or has the financial stability that she is searching for.

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I would say that most Ukrainian and Russian ladies are looking for older men because age means maturity, stability, and financial security for them and the children that they hope to have, nevertheless they are usually only seriously interested in someone that is no more than fifteen years older than themselves.

The Russian and Ukrainian females are not dating for any social reasons like most western women do. They are a woman of a different breed that is mainly looking for that special someone that they desire to spend the rest of their life with. They want a safe home, children, and a mature partner that will be a great provider, lover, and father.

To have a ten to fifteen year age gap in the western world is rare, but the Russian and Ukrainian women prefer life like this. They seek a male that will not be immature, lazy, out of shape, or a drunk like the men within their home country that they are used to seeing. A strong mature male that is very successful in life is what they seek in a mate.

I recommend you to read following articles on an age gape in Ukrainian/Russian-Western relationships:

Remember, guys, a Ukrainian & Russian woman is just like every other woman when it comes down to it. She desires happiness above all things. Finding a man that will treat her and her future children as if they are everything in the world to him, that is what she wants, needs, and desires the most.

To make yourself more attractive and desirable to the Ukrainian and Russian women, a western man needs to achieve a mature look but not too mature. Respect will need to be shown within every correspondence maintained with the Ukrainian & Russian lady of your choice. A great show of appreciation will also flatter women from these countries. Compliments given sincerely will also help to charm most of the women of Russia and Ukraine. 😉



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