An age gap issue in Ukrainian-Western relationships: What’s the real score?

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Age-discordant relationships can be tough, top that with a Ukrainian-Western couple and it’s going to be a long and bumpy ride. Having a relationship with a different nation and with a rather elaborate age gap is not the easiest thing in the world. But somehow, other people seem to be very comfortable with such circumstances, in fact they even like it that way.

Cultural differences and its challenges

I would mention that the most prominent difference when dating a woman of different nation and age is culture. Culture is defined as beliefs and behaviors of a particular age, ethnic, and social group. With different ethnic groups come cultural differences that would most likely spark a heated discussion, misunderstandings, and so on.

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Apart from the obvious cultural differences in a Ukrainian-Western, age-discordant relationship, challenges can run deeper than physical attributes; this includes whether or not one wants to have kids, sometimes even death. In my view, age-gap and cross-cultural relationships need flexibility for it to work. Often times, it has to be in the spirit of “love the one you are with when you are with him”.

Age-gap and Ukrainian/Russian-Western relationships face countless of challenges everyday but it’s never going to be a problem, when the couples are truly smitten with the other. Confidently, if a mature Western man is dating a Ukrainian girl half his age just because she’s more fun, energetic, and youthful, chances are that relationship is never going to work.

That controversial age preference

I have experienced most Western men prefer to date Ukrainian women younger than them as it makes them feel young. But women do not want to date younger men as it makes them feel old.

When it is the (Ukrainian) lady who is much older, she becomes more conscious of her age, beauty, fertility and even the smallest things like her vision. Unlike celebrities, ordinary women that are dating men almost half their age do not have their own glamour team, stylist, nutritionist, gym instructor, and the list could just go on.

Though Hollywood has deliberately showed us that age is nothing but a number, an age-discordant Ukrainian/Russian-Western relationship remains to be controversial among ordinary people including American, Ukrainian, and Russian male and female.

Even the fact that you joined an International online dating site remains to be a let-us-not-talk-about-that topic in many coffee rooms and hang out places nowadays. But the thing is, despite what society has taught us, Love can still blindside you no matter who you are, where you are, at what age and nationality.

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Society pitfalls or not each Ukrainian woman who loves older men is a scammer

Unfortunately, society has somehow made us narrow minded people. If the older woman is rich, she’s believed to be pathetic as she is dating or buying the attention of men younger than her. If a young Ukrainian woman looking for a foreign husband shows interest in older men, she immediately becomes an unrespectable, clingy, gold-digging lady. The same thing goes with rich, old men dating a young girl and young men dating older women.

Do age and cultural differences really matter, or should love just conquer all? Do unique relationships like this one are set to fail or is it just like any other successful relationship?

Is it really controversial to join an International online dating site or matchmaking agency and start talking to men or women, older or younger than you are? Does initiating the first move to an older man make you look bad? Do you instantly become the villain when you start dating a single Ukrainian girl half your age? Do we really have to stick with the norm?

These questions could just go on and on. Definitely, Ukrainian-Western, age-gap relationships are nothing but hard. Anyone who are about to have such relationship better understand that there is a great difference between being “swept off your feet” and staying for the long haul.

No difference whatsoever

Relationships, whether or not it’s a cross-cultural and age-gap ones is more than just fun and games. It is about mutual respect, companionship, friendship, lust, love, fun, passion, among many others, something that we may not be able to find from the opposite sex our age.

Like any other relationship, you can make it work with dedication, proper communication, honest and yes, a lot of effort to understand your partner and shrug off the many judgmental perceptions of society. Then again, as a popular saying goes:

Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.” ~ Mark Twain

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