How to make time to build your Ukrainian-Western relationship (Part 1)

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In my opinion, in order to find the ideal match, it is imperative that a Ukrainian-Western relationship be established before you even consider meeting in person. As it happens, many men do not take the time away from their busy life to communicate through a dating site or matchmaking agency.

In effect, the chances of finding someone special are pretty slim. Although life can get pretty hectic when it comes to everyday living. Many are busy with family and friends, hard at work and taking care of basic life maintenance. On the other hand, if you establish an intercultural relationship then you have to put in the time.

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Taking the Time

International dating is an excellent way to find dates and a potential partner from another country. But just like a career, you have to put in the time in order to be successful. The majority of men looking for women on a Ukrainian online dating site or through a marriage agency have been looking for at least a couple of months.

They may have even had a few great conversations. However, Ukrainian-Western relationships take a while longer to establish due to the many differences in language, culture and etiquette. It takes a lot more to establish serious communication than a few chats or great conversations. It takes timer to turn communication into something earnest, sincere and possibly serious.

What Ukrainian Women Want

It is unanimous around the world, most Ukrainian women like men who take the time to get to know them. Not only do women like men who do not rush into things, they also cherish getting to know you through honest communication. Moreover, there are basic features that many Ukrainian and Russian brides admire:

Tip #1: Women are interested in more than just your body.

They are unique individuals who admire the intellect as well as the physical.

Tip #2: Ukrainian women want to know all about you; your social life, intellect, charm, sense of humor, physical activities and family events.

Tip #3: Never tell a lie, not even a white lie about your age.

According to numerous studies, men tend to fabricate about how old they are and take 10 or so years off their real age. Just remember that women admire honesty.

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The Initial Stage

At the start, it takes a lot of time to find a few good matches on any Ukrainian online dating site. Initially, there are hundreds of introduction letters, continual phone calls, numerous video chats and millions of short message services (SMS) like instant message (IM) chat to follow up on.

Consider it a numbers game. Just remember, the more women you contact, the more likely you are likely to find a good match. Once you get through the initial stage of all the emails and chats then you are almost home free to finding that special someone.

In addition, completing your profile is not only crucial but takes considerable time. Nonetheless, women want to see a complete profile and not a “No Answer” to hair color, eyes, career or interests. So the more you fill out your profile the more chances you have in matching with a person that is likeminded or has similar interests.

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