How to make time to build your Ukrainian-Western relationship (Part 2)

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Finding the Time

When it comes to Ukrainian online dating, you relish the thought of connecting with a special woman. So if you want to find the ideal match you have to put in the time to build an intercultural relationship. I am sure that there are doubts on finding the time it takes to establish a rapport. But with a few tips and a little bit of commitment, you will be amazed at what you can accomplish.

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Here are a few pointers to get you started:

Tip #1: Learn to manage your time better.

Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day. Truthfully, you have more time than you realize. We all get busy, but it is all about priority. Instead of watching a favorite TV show; dedicate that time in finding the ideal match. If you are not convinced, then add up the hours you spend watching TV. You will be quite amazed of the time wasted on watching other people’s lives.

Tip #2: Keep a calendar of events and stick with the schedule.

It is easier to keep a schedule if you dedicate a certain time and day to spend on the international dating site. If it helps, pretend that it is a date that you cannot miss. After all, this is about your love life. Add a few notes on how to increase your love life and include this on your calendar of events.

Tip #3: Be proactive on the Internet.

Don’t just communicate on the dating site. Very solid relationships can be built using other forms of communication such as Skype, Viber, and even email. Fring is also another great option. It has various platforms including Android and iOS, plus four way video chat with 3G. As well, they have inexpensive international calls with their Fring Out VoIP app.

Tip #4: Once you have established a good relationship with a Ukrainian woman, organize a well planned trip to her country.

In honesty, most women expect the man to visit her. Also, never expect her to wait more than a few months for your return. Organize a trip for a couple of day or the full 2 weeks. Do not forget to research ahead of time for tickets, hotels, cultural events and place to take your date.

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As well, make sure and check how long you can stay overseas. Generally Americans only receive 2 weeks. Fourteen days is not a long time and the short time can intensify the visit. Just make sure that the relationship is not premature. Otherwise the trip will most likely be a disaster.

Additionally, there are 2 possible options if you want a foreign bride to visit you. There is a tourist visa which is 3 months and a K-1, which is a 90 day (fiancé) or trial period. Either way, it is not much time.



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