Why the personal contact is so important when dating a Ukrainian bride

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Western men looking to find a Ukrainian / Russian wife usually face the dilemma of how and when to ask for direct contact information from the Ukrainian / Russian date in order to personalize the online dating communication.

The other reason, is the financial aspect of it, dating a Ukrainian / Russian woman through premium dating sites, usually takes-up a lot of credits and most men desire that they get out of the dating express mail system sooner rather than later.

There is a number of Ukrainian dating tips that can certainly be applied in order to allow you to proceed to the next level communication. These tips will help you pass the threshold of at least proving that both of you know each other and are cognizant to what is going on.

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Tip #1: It is noteworthy not to mention the cost since doing so will denigrate you as cheap.

However, it is crucial that you have the personal contact information earlier in the Ukrainian online dating process. As I’ve written in my articles, platforms such as that offered by Skype can be an excellent starting point. You can go ahead and let the lady know how much you desire to have a personal conversation with her; this will also prove to her that you are willing to invest in live communication, which is crucial before you hit the road. If the woman is serious about the relationship, there is no reason why she should not divulge her contacts such as emails, or live chatting Skype address. Doing so will help you to develop trust and sense of authenticity.

Taking steps towards knowing the girl you are dating should not be a cause for anxious moments, because most of the Ukrainian / Russian women on International online dating sites usually request that the man be real. This essentially means that the man should take the lead, you need to make up your mind and know what you are looking for and to what end. However, it is crucial not to overstep the guns, let everything fall in its proper place. Being true to yourself and your dating partner will open gates to reciprocal communication opportunities to get you to know each other better.

Tip #2: Communicating through Skype can at least prove that the girl is real and that she knows about you.

Hearing her voice, seeing her picture, expressions and mannerism, will unveil significant portions of her personality and chemistry which will be immensely pertinent to both of you. Even though instances of reluctance may pervade communication during this time, too much of it may be disadvantageous to your relationship.

On the other hand, the girl from Ukraine or Russia may be weighing her chances of success, over her own insecurities of dealing with a stranger. Otherwise, no matter how sensually inviting the girl may-be, such brief incandescent conversation opportunities may not be solely enough to unravel the real image of the woman on the other end.


In my opinion, if the Ukrainian / Russian lady you are dating is unwilling to divulge her contact such as phone number, physical address or Skype contact, it is essential to make a quick decision and set them aside in order to avoid heartbreaking pitfalls and financial drain.

Most Ukrainian / Russian women have phone contacts and access to the internet, however, it essential to verify if such access is directly theirs or belongs to a member of family or friend. Taking such steps will help forestall any inconveniences that may serve as an impediment to communication. It will also not only relieve anxiety but will enable the two of you to find out the right way to steer the relationship further putting in mind mutual feelings you have for each other.

Tip #3: The quality of communication you enter into while dating a Ukrainian / Russian woman will significantly determine whether your relationship or courtship will be successful or not.

When you are, building a relationship it is necessary to acknowledge it as so. The quality of time spent chatting on Skype and conversing over the phone can send subtle cues that you are both serious about the relationship. By setting the right tempo at the onset of the relationship, you are in advent investing in the relationship. The lady should be ready to sacrifice her time and be devoted to the relationship while you should make the right inquisitions through questions, including direct ones.

The last tip requires that you become more assertive, you can tell the lady that you want to get to know her better beyond conversation. At this juncture, you may consider the possibility of travelling in order to send signals that you want the relationship to advance to another level. Such a move will make her reckon that you are serious with her.

Although this may take time and cause confusion; it is necessary to cultivate patient as this may mark a leap to another level of communication or acquaintance. 😉



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