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Dear Krystyna,

I have been in contact for almost 2 years with a young woman from Kiev, Ukraine on the website. I have gone to google and saw a report that had about 56 complaints about this site. One comment has led me to you, to this site because it says that you know many details regarding the truth about many dating sites derived from this part of the world.

So I should first ask, is a complete scam, or is it possible that there may be some real women that are truly good people and not con artist? Of course, I am hoping that it is not, but if you tell me that ALL women that are on this site are a complete scam and just part of a big lie, I will have to believe you and bow out as gracefully as possible.

I really must tell you that I do believe that my woman is a good person, but until I actually go to Kiev, how can anyone be 100% certain. Hmmm, if I say that I really do believe that my woman is a good person, I am ok with whatever you tell me as I am a strong person and know that the truth can hurt but it definitely hurts less today then tomorrow.

To me the money that I spend on this site is not the biggest problem as it is roughly $400 per month and I do think this is a lot of money, but it is my time and my heart that has the largest value to me. And well, if this person is truly a good soul and honest, i do not want to throw away the love of my life and possibly my future wife.

Can you please advise me as to what I should think about a woman I have fallen for on this charming date website?



Krystyna answers:



Hello Craig,

Thank you of course for your nice words about my job as a blogger. Really very kind from you! 🙂

Of course, I have heard about
S. here:


I have never used the services of CharmingDate and cannot tell you definitely if the women on this site are real or not. I believe that there are honest women with serious intentions to find a man for life and marriage. But I am sure they are a minority on the site. Maybe you have a luck and your woman is not a scam.

charming date

Well, let’s talk about how to find out if your woman is real or not.

My question to you is if you have already contacted out the dating site, namely: via SMS, phone calls, Viber or Skype? There are several steps a man can take to protect himself from this type of scam. The first is to ask the woman for private contact information, such as phone numbers, email address or Facebook profile. Do not ask immediatedly, the woman can be scared if you aks after 1-2 messages. But you have communicated for a few weeks already, it is a right time to ask her for a private information. If you see that your communication becomes more active and personal, do not hesitate to ask her e.g. for her mobile number or email adress. Using Skype is also a very good way to verify identify. Fake pictures are common among dating site and mail order bride sites, but a live video chat is very hard to fake.

My next question is if you know her real name? I would recommend you to ask the woman for her real name and then find her profil on Russian social networks like or As I said before, I have not use their services and can tell about them only from reviews of other users. And I have to say that there are too many negative reviews (this makes me suspicious). It is really important that you get a personal contact with the woman before you go to Ukraine (skype, mobile, etc.) so that you get no negative surprise in Ukraine.

As for me, such sites which do not allow to exchange direct contact data are not serious. I know that the majority of International dating sites are very expensive but some of them allow to get a direct contact from your lady in order to communicate with her out of the dating site (e.g. Elenas Models or A Pretty Woman allow that). So that you can see if your woman is real or not. If I were you, I would not continue to use this site. Surely, there is a chance that your lady may be real but this chance, as for me, is not great. Communicating with this woman you buy a pig in a poke – you do not know 100% if the woman is a scam or not. I would give up if I were you. It can save your money, time and especially your feelings!

As I wrote above, if you want to prove if your woman is interested in you and not is a professional pro-dater who is paid by a dating company for chatting with Western men, it is recommended to contact her through social networks (of course, you must find her on these sites). If she does not answer you, it is a bad sign and it is evident that she has no serious intentions. Besides, you can use the detective services to find out about her marital status.

In conclusion, I recommend you to read this review on possible scam:

Good luck! 🙂



Questions? Feel free to ask Krystyna, your Ukrainian dating expert 🙂 (s. here: Contact Krystyna)



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  1. single says:

    I think, the best way to describe is to use fraction of the letter I received before closing my profile once far all: ” I am understand that a lot of women are writing to you. That they propose you a lot of services. But I don’t believe them. I know a lot of girls in Ukraine, that are looking for love. But they are not one of the thousands of models from this site. They are just down to Earth ladies, they are also searching on this site, but it’s too hard, because of the thousands of models scammers. I believe that you will make a right decision, and will choose me to talk with. I promise for you, you will never regret about that. ” I can give profile of this lady to Craig if he wants. I hope not, because this lady might be the most clever scammer on that site.

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