Meet Svetlana, a beautiful Russian woman for dating & marriage

Krystyna presents: a single beautiful Russian woman for dating & marriage Svetlana

With vibrant, long blonde hair, eyes of deep hazel, and possessing a slim stature, Svetlana from Moscow, Russia is the kind of girl that looks as though she walked out of one of your best dreams. But, this 34 year old gem is more than just a pretty face, she’s an accomplished and insightful woman, who believes in the power of love, kindness, and harmony.

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Svetlana has had an excellent education. Thus far, she’s completed three different Master’s degrees. She is an interpreter and rightfully so, as she could be considered a master of languages. She speaks Russian and English fluently, and even graduated from an American high school.

Additionally, she is a very good Italian speaker, and has the ability to speak basic French, German, and Spanish. She is a qualified lawyer, and also has an artistic side that she channels through her work as a choreographer. Though she’s an intelligent and classy woman, she’s not a snob. She can be making references to Hegel one minute, and laughing about pop culture stars the next.

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She’s a perfect balance of opposites in that way. She enjoys being an academic but also seeks the joy of being involved in more artistic pursuits as she explores her personal interest of music, dance, and fashion. Though she dresses up nicely and is an excellent companion in social situations, she also loves having intimate time at home with those she loves.

She enjoys deeply connecting with people and places value on not only talking and having others understand her, but truly realizes the importance of listening, and takes joy in being a confidant of others. She values the importance of having a proper balance of masculinity and femininity and seeks this balance in her own life as she seeks out her Prince Charming.

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Personal Data:

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Will you, dear men, meet Svetlana, a wonderful Russian woman for dating and marriage?

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Contact her through her online dating profile on to see if you spark each others interest.

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  1. Privet Svetlana;
    My name is Leo and I’m from the United States, first it’s a pleasure meeting you! I just got finished reading your profile, and I love what you wrote about yourself. Anyway, I loved your profile, and it didn’t hurt that I found you to be very attractive too. However I liked that fact that you are cute and that you are a positive lady and you always smile. They say the eyes are a window into the into one soul, and what I can see from your gorgeous brown eyes is that you are a kind, loving person. You are the kind of lady that any man would feel lucky to know. I am looking for a woman that understands what it means to enjoy life, for only then can you truly smile. I love spending time with friends, but I would rather spend time with my family. That is why I am here, looking for a woman that understand the importance of family, are you this woman? So, if you are looking for a man to take those special walks with in the evening when the sky is golden and memories are made, a man that will stand by you in difficult times, then I am that man! So my Princess, I wait for your response, hope to hear back from you soon. Until then, god bless and have a great day – Leo PS: Here is my personal email address if you chose to write me (, be sure and send some photos and tell me a little more about yourself please and I will do the same for you. – Sending you a warm hug from across the ocean – Your new friend – Leo

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