Is your Ukrainian bride still interested in dating you?

Dear friends,

Ukrainian online dating and serious cross-cultural relationships often give men a sense of insecurity and uncertainty. Ukrainian and Russian women are universally known as mysteries to the male mind. Throw an intercultural relationship into the mix and men can quickly descend into a mindset of fear. The most powerful fear that broaches the mind is a fear of loss. What if your Ukrainian lady isn’t interested in you anymore? How will you be able to know?

Yes, Western men adore Ukrainian and Russian women and for good reason, but these same Ukrainian and Russian women we love so much can be shy about their emotions. Ukrainian and Russian women are especially known for their shyness and unwillingness or inability to open up and just tell guys the truth about their intentions. If you’ve been talking to your future bride for a few months and things are getting stale, there are a few things you need to keep in mind during this journey toward potential lifelong happiness.

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You’re not alone!

When we’re in love and at a crossroads, it’s easy for us to feel like we’re the only one going through pain. In fact, millions of people fear the unknown nature of relationships. If your Ukrainian-Western relationship has taken a turn into the unknown and you’re unable to tell if your bride from Ukraine or Russia still wants to meet you and pursue a life with you, then you’re never alone in this fear. Many men are wondering the same thing and don’t know what to do about it. The emotional turmoil can be so great that it interferes with your offline life.

If this is happening to you, it’s time to take a deep breath and put first things first. You DO need to communicate with your Ukrainian/Russian sweetheart and find out where you stand. This should never be done at the expense of your emotional well-being though. Life must go on offline. In time the fear will subside and you’ll get back to your normal self. To do this, though, it’s time to find out where you and your beloved Ukrainian/Russian woman are in the journey that is your relationship.

Taking it to the next level

Online relationships can work. Millions of people are proving it. However, online relationships eventually need to come out of the dark and become real, offline relationships. When you’re dating a Ukrainian/Russian woman, you must first be willing to commit to the idea of traveling to Ukraine or Russia to meet her. The meet-up is essential. In my hard opinion, a relationship that remains online forever is a life wasted for both people. When is the right time to visit?

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As a general guide, 6-12 months is a good timetable for a meeting. If you’re unwilling to go to Ukraine or Russia to meet her in that window of time, it’s likely that the relationship will grow boring and stale and she’ll move on. She not only has the option of finding an online lover who will travel to meet her, but she also has the option of finding another man who is around her in daily life.

What to do?

Confusion is normal if you’re experiencing some cold behavior from your Ukrainian / Russian lady. If it’s growing stale and she won’t reveal her true feelings, you’ve got to take some action. Perhaps you could go a week without emailing or calling her.

Let her mull it over in her head and decide if she can really live without you. This is the perfect little experiment if you’re months into the relationship and think she might not want to meet. If she writes, she’s probably still interested. She might reveal her feelings and tell you how much she missed you. This will bring you even closer. The bad news for this experiment is that if she doesn’t even make an effort to rekindle the contact, she might already be through with you. If that happens, you have to make a decision.

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Live and learn

You can learn from this experience or you can wallow in grief and never date again. Like most Western men, you’ll suffer for a little while, miss her badly, and then realize there was something missing between you and your Russian lady. After acceptance, your search for a new Ukrainian/Russian bride can begin again. Let it be full of hope 🙂

Hope is a waking dream” ― Aristotle



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2 Responses

  1. Shannon says:

    Hello, I have a question for you. I have been talking to a Ukrainian lady for about 2 months now. We talk on the phone a few days a week and we email all the time. I am starting to have true feeling for her. We have not said the “love” word yet. But I feel I am ready to. How do I approach this with her? Do I wait for her to say it first?

    We have a lot In common. She has never asked for money. She is well educated. Actually she teaches student there to speak English, so she is well spoken. She lives in a village with about 14,000 people. I was told woman from the village are a bit different then from the cities. Can you please help me with this.

    Thank you Shannon

    • Krystyna Krystyna says:

      Hi Shannon,

      sorry for this late reply. It is always better to send me your question via mail. I can forget sehr quickly that I have to asnwer a comment. I apologize again.

      Ok, to your questions.

      Question 1: How do I approach this with her? Do I wait for her to say it first?

      Just wait for the right moment. And no, you should not wait for her to say it first. The Ukrainian/Russian society is rather conservative and women wait their men to say “I love you” first.

      I would advise you to wait with the declaration of love till the first date in person. Online communication is one thing, communication in person is another one.

      Online dating can be really great but meeting offline can be a disaster. So go to Ukraine and meet her there. Be sure that you like and love her also offline. And then you can say it to her without any doubts.

      Question 2: I was told woman from the village are a bit different then from the cities. Can you please help me with this.

      I know city and country women from Russia and Ukraine. Honestly, I cannot find any difference between them. Both types of women can have good and bad sides, they both can be family or career oriented.

      You must consider each woman individually, regardless where she is from. Do not judge a woman by her birth place.

      If you have other questions, please feel free to ask me.


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