Desperate and frustrated: can you still find a Ukrainian woman for life?

Or two big reasons why you haven’t found the right Ukrainian or Russian woman for you…

Dear friends,

The idea of finding and dating people from the International online world is definitely exciting. You get to meet attractive Ukrainian and Russian women with different personalities and perhaps you even get into a relationship with one or two of them. However, things do not seem to progress as there usually is a dead end. It gets tiresome over time and you eventually question yourself why this is happening to you. And it really sucks…

If you have been in the dating game for a long time, it is typical for men like you to have doubts about yourself. It is not right to beat yourself up though. As a matter of fact, it is time for you to rethink your approach. Instead of looking at the personalities and characteristics of women and assume that it is their fault why you cannot connect with them, look deeper and you may find the problem lies within you.

Two compelling reasons why you cannot seem to find “the one” for you are your insecurities and being overcautious.

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Reason #1: Not Being Insecure

You accept the fact that nobody is perfect and yet you are afraid of Ukrainian and Russian women discovering your imperfections such as:

You are not good-looking enough. Guys, self and body image can be crucial in finding love. Women are not the only ones who are conscious about their appearance; men are too. In fact, they are more sensitive than what the society gives them credit for. You want to look manly, handsome and appealing all at the same time and it is just too much pressure.

You lack self-confidence. This is often the root of insecure feelings. You do not trust your ability to charm someone, your looks and personality, and you have that constant fear that the Ukrainian or Russian bride you date will suddenly start disliking you.

You feel inferior. Perhaps this has something to do with the woman’s job. It almost always hurts a man’s ego that a woman is more successful than them. Having inferiority complex can make you distrust your capabilities to date and eventually enter a relationship.

Once a woman from Ukraine or Russia finds out about your imperfections, you immediately think that you will get rejected. Doubting yourself will lead you to believe that there is something wrong with you and it cannot be cured. Insecure people need constant approval and reassurance and they are always possessive and jealous – often without a good reason to be. If you know that this is you, you should start finding ways to get over your insecurities.

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Reason #2: Being Overcautious

One of the symptoms of being overly cautious person does not know how to approach the woman he is interested in just to avoid disappointment, heartbreak, or rejection. From my Internet dating experience, I would say that everyone looking for a Russian or Ukraine bride is always warned about getting scammed. Right?

According to a Russian dating blogger Eve,

[…] “Overcautious” men imagine their money and personal security are in danger. They are so concerned about being scammed that they are unwilling to pay the cost of the ticket. Too often, the men visit dating websites, write letters to women, but break the conversation too soon.[…]

[…] Each word in a woman’s answer is read with scrupulous cautiousness. If these men find words like “money,” “wish to see America,” she “cannot afford something,” the men automatically label her as a “scammer.”As a result of the rising interest in online dating, the Internet now overflows with websites featuring Russian women who are looking for long-term relationships. […]

[…] Meeting and exchanging letters with somebody in chat rooms creates many mistakes, misunderstandings, and faults. When the number of men disappointed with online dating increased, the Internet provided them with an opportunity to blacklist Russian women. Black lists warn men to do nothing before their agents check a women’s background, for a fee, of course. […] The blacklists are also scam. […]


Check my article “Is being overcautious really useful in Ukrainian dating?” and find out why being overcautious is not cool and the reason why you cannot still find a woman for marriage.

There are a number of things that cause men to be extremely cautious including:

  • Finances
  • Potential red flags in the Ukrainian dating
  • Fear of what the woman thinks

Oftentimes, being guarded results in being emotionally-distant and this is not an attractive trait for the ladies. It is not bad to be cautious, but do so with restrictions. Being cold and distant with a girl you intend to date will not get you anywhere.

How to Solve Your Dating Problem

Whether you are insecure or overcautious or both, you should start to fix the underlying problem: yourself. Be confident and deal with your imperfections. You do not have to perfect; you only have to be yourself. Finding the Ukrainian or Russian woman you will be with for life is possible. All you need is the right approach and the right attitude.

No matter what happens, you should always remain positive in your pursuit of love. Do not give up and keep talking and meeting new people. Love will certainly come knocking on your door when you least expect it. 🙂

Good luck in your Ukrainian dating process!




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