Tips for a happy relationship with a Ukrainian woman (Lesson 5)

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My last video tutorial of the tutorial series “5 Steps to Success in Ukrainian & Russian Online Dating” is ready. In today’s video we’ll talk about how to build a happy relationship with your Ukrainian or Russian lady. The video tutorial series is kindly produced by Alexandra Vetter, a good friend of mine and professional video maker (visit her official site:

Enjoy, guys! I would appreciate to hear your comments! 🙂

Transcription of the video

Leo Tolstoi, a famous Russian writer, once said, “All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” A happy relationship with a Ukrainian woman means following a series of common steps. Of course, you should learn how to deal with intercultural differences. In my view, it is one of the most important steps to happiness with your foreign woman.

I know a Ukrainian-German couple who married about one year ago. They had a great experience with online dating, but on getting married they began to have serious problems. The man does not understand why his Ukrainian wife cannot find a job and new friends. His wife expects from him that he should behave like a Ukrainian man in a marriage. Well, here we speak about risk factors for problems in a Ukrainian-Western relationship.

lesson 5

How to avoid these problems?

Knowing what to expect can save a lot of problems. It takes time to adjust to different cultures and mindsets. E.g., Ukrainian and Russian women always expect the man to pay the way. Some Western men find these values a bit old fashioned.

Religious differences are another type of the risk factors for problems in a Ukrainian-Western relationship. Not sharing the same beliefs can really put a broad gap between you and your future Ukrainian wife.

Now, I’ll tell you three tips for a happy relationship with a woman from Ukraine:

Tip #1: Learn about the country, culture and traditions of your partner

First of all, I believe that you need to educate yourself about your partner’s country. You find many articles on Ukrainian history and culture online.

Tip #2: Learn the language of your foreign wife in order to understand her thoughts and soul

You also need to realize that there will be a language barrier to overcome. Many Ukrainians speak English, but they may not be completely fluent. I am sure it would be very helpful for Western men to learn some Ukrainian or Russian.

Tip #3: Respect, understanding and love

I believe that one of the most important factors in any relationship is respect for each other. When you respect your partner as an individual, you will be able to appreciate your cultural differences.

If you are considering looking for a Ukrainian wife, then it is a clever idea to learn about their culture and make sure that it is what you want and what you can live with. Your woman from Ukraine and you should work hard on your relationship. But the result is more than great!… Believe me – I know that from my personal intercultural dating and marriage experience! 🙂

The course of true love was never easy.”
– William Shakespeare

This was the fifth (last) Lesson of the Video-tutorial “5 Steps to Success in Ukrainian & Russian Online Dating” by Krystyna. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via my UkrainianDatingBlog(dom)com.




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2 Responses

  1. David Snell says:


    Yet another great video . I hope you will make more video series.I also would like to add a suggestion.Check in your local area and search for any Ukrainian or Russian event or activities.

    In my area we have a awesome Russian restaurant called ST. Petersburg Night ,they have weekly shows and events.It’s a very popular Ukrainian and Russian hang out.

    Krystyna thank you for sharing your knowledge and experiences over the last few weeks .

    Krystyna thank you again and есть хорошая неделя.

  2. private says:

    Krystyna, as always your advice is right on point.

    I will take this even further and advice men to spend MONTHS in the town where their Ukrainian woman lives to understand and adapt to her culture.

    Most American men are not as warm by nature and require the biggest “personal space” in comparison to “Eastern” cultures. Which prevents them from truly understanding the behavior of eastern women.

    Krystyna, have you considered giving a breakdown of the deferences in the age groups of the Slavic women and how each group has different motivations and values and also different social times of frowning up?


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