Ukraine Dating Video: To pay or not to pay for a Ukrainian lady?

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Welcome to my second professional video tutorial series “TOP 5 Most Frequently Asked Ukrainian and Russian Dating Questions”. Today’s video is the second question of the five and we’ll talk about if Western men have to pay for EVERY expense while dating single Ukrainian and Russian brides. The video is taken by Alexandra Vetter (her official site:

Transcription of the video tutorial:

Hello, guys! Mario sent me the following mail:

mail 2

Mario wrote me only a few words about his meeting in person. I cannot tell if he was scammed or not. As I understood, the woman cannot speak English at all. If she has written this fact on her dating profile, it could not be a surprise that the interpreter was truly needed.

About paying for every expense… In the West, it is considered that paying for the first date is gallant, but paying for every date is absurd. The dating culture in Ukraine and Russia is completely different. Paying for almost everything while on dates is a basic of Ukrainian and Russian dating.

This aspect of the Ukrainian and Russian culture might look spammy in the Western world. It is a special feature of our mentality which is, as you know, quite conservative. Russian and Ukrainian women have been raised to expect a male to pay for all dates and expenses related to the relationship. A man who refuses to, or isn’t capable of paying for dates is seen as being unattractive and less masculine than man who happily pay for the expenses. So the answer is to pay!

If you have any further questions on Ukrainian or Russian dating, I would be happy to answer them. Please feel free to contact me.


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