Video Tutorial: Are there any FREE Russian and Ukrainian dating sites?

Dear friends,

I am proud to present to you my second professional video tutorial series “TOP 5 Most Frequently Asked Ukrainian and Russian Dating Questions”. Today’s video is the first question of the five and we’ll talk about if there are totally FREE Russian and Ukrainian dating services to find a woman for dating, relationship and marriage. The video tutorial series is kindly produced by Alexandra Vetter (her official site:

Transcription of the video tutorial:

Hello, guys! I am Krystyna, Ukrainian dating blogger. Every week, I receive many mails from Western men looking for a Ukrainian or Russian woman online. They ask me for my opinion on various topics like online dating scam, Ukrainian dating etiquette, Ukrainian and Russian women personality or intercultural differences. So I decided to select 5 questions my readers ask me most frequently.

Today we start with the question from Dewey.

the question from Dewey

The answer is simple. Yes, there are some totally free Russian and Ukrainian online dating services:

  • (it is one of the most popular dating sites in Russia and Ukraine.)

In general, these sites are great because of their simplicity and they are absolutely free (you have to pay nothing for registration, search and communication with other users)! But there are some minuses:

  • Language Barriers: If you do not speak Russian it will be a big problem for you because most of the women do not speak English. They do not need this. They chat and flirt in Russian.
  • The „no reply“ rate is high. You must write hundreds of Russian and Ukrainian ladies to find a potential match for relationship and marriage. This process requires a lot of time and patience.

In conclusion I would like to say that free dating sites are a great alternative to paid marriage services which are pretty expensive and often helpless against scam. But I think that for most Western men the dating process on these free sites is going to be too much of a challenge.

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  1. haythem says:

    Hello Ms. Estimable

    I thank you on behalf of valuable information in regard to this Blog
    I am trying to look for a woman to be respected and well-educated, and found several models, but unfortunately there was a different barriers
    Such as language and so can I overcome this dilemma
    I started to learn the Ukrainian language in an accredited school here we have in Algeria
    I am of the assets of HCA I Amazigh “old European ancestry

    In fact, I’ll tell you why Search
    I found a lot of suffering long about the prohibitive costs of marriage to set up a wedding in the Arab countries, for example,
    In fact, required punishment severely and configure large fortune, it comes adequate housing and does not come all this only function respectable then preferably a good car and then the time comes to wedding where they are paid a large sum of money price starts from $ 1700 even sometimes up to in some areas to 100,000, $ and of course this price is only paid by VIPs and the rich to highlight the extent of the physical capacity only …

    Frankly, I have the money and I have a project
    I’m not looking for a marriage of convenience
    It is based on the feelings of false and deceptive and often crashing the marriage project on the cusp of the courts for trivial reasons
    because it is built on emotion and false and deceitful appearance of particular interest

    I not married, but I thought long and found I have a good qualifications allow me to marry a Russian woman or Ukrainian
    I want girl queen put the crown on her head, live the best years of her life
    But all that will come mutually and not face a single currency only

    Madam I appreciate your efforts
    Sorry I, but now I emptied what was going on in my mind.

    Thank you very much

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