Marriage culture in Ukraine and Russia

Dear Krystyna

I began to see a lot of east girls, Ukrainian and Russian by different dating internet sites. I read a lot of consideration, also on your site, about “why” east women are searching for foreign husband. But what I didn’t understood, why they marry very soon, so very young.

Another question is: why are there a lot of unmarried mothers in Ukraine and Russia?

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Caro Fabrizio,
grazie mille per it tuo messaggio!

Ma voglio rispondere alle tue domande in inglese. E ‘non male per te? Bene e allora!

15-20 years ago, Ukrainian and Russian women married very early (18-23 years were considered the best years of marrying). But nowadays, Ukrainians and Russian, like most Europeans, marry later. This is due to the fact that modern men and women want first to study and acquire a profession in order to become financially independent and able to support a family. On the dating sites, you can meet very young women looking for Western men. But I would advise you not to start dating such women because they are not mature for marriage and family, in my opinion. Usually, they are looking for sugar daddy who can support them financially and offer a nice life style.

It is really true that very many unmarried (better – divorced) mothers live in Ukraine and Russia. There are some sad reasons for that. People get married too early and they are not mature for being parents and take this responsibility. I know how hard to be a mother or father (I have a 9-month old baby boy). Third of divorces occur because of the dissimilarity of the characters. Treason is in the third place. Another reason is that many Russian and Ukrainian men are (hard) drinkers.

Divorced women enter into a new marriage with great difficulties because Russian and Ukrainian men have no wish to be a father for someone else’s child. Another reason is that there is the lack of men who can be a good husband. There is high mortality of men in Ukraine and Russia.

I hope I could help you!

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    To ostatnie napisane to bzdury,jeżdze na Ukraine.

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