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So you’re thinking of pursing your next romantic interest on the web? Many people have considered the advantages of Russian and Ukrainian online dating as a more advantageous alternative to the standard ways of trying to meet someone in your own country through the usual means.

Why? 🙂

The answers are varied. Westerners certainly “qualify” for more attractive partners in Russia and Ukraine than they do in their home countries. This benefit however is a two edged sword, as many men and women will select potential partners so much younger or more attractive than themselves; that chances for a successful union are greatly reduced if not eliminated completely.

Online dating should be approached in the same manner that real dating would. Here are some other great tips to consider before embarking on the online dating scene for Russian and Ukrainian partners.

Tip #1: Do a serious self-evaluation

It is quite possible for much older men to find much younger partners from Ukraine and Russia online. Be honest with yourself before jumping into this type of relationship. For example; if you are a balding middle aged man with a spare tire and your love interest is telling you just how good looking you really are; beware. It is all too easy to believe what we want to hear. Be honest with yourself and hold suspect those you know are not being honest with you.


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Tip #2: Communications

Just as in the real world, communicating and evaluating how well you communicate with each other is very important. It is also important while communicating with one another to safeguard personal information that you really should not release to virtual strangers online. Information such as birthdays, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses should be eliminated from your profile.

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Initial communications should be limited in scope. Topics such as work, hobbies, interests etc. are good ways to get a feel for your compatibility with the other person. Communication is important in all relationships regardless of the type. Serious language difficulties would indicate that continued pursuit of a deeper relationship might be a mistake.

Tip #3: Finance

Western men and women (not always) are typically more financially secure than their Ukrainian and Russian love interests. The hard truth, is that the disparity in finances are normally the reason men and women can find potential love interests who are often much more attractive than the western types they normally end up dating. This is not necessarily a bad thing but it certainly must be considered as part of the equation when considering any partner from a country that has not fully developed economically.

Keep in mind income disparities do exist in the world. It is essential to ignore all requests for financial assistance of any type. Unscrupulous individuals, who maintain fake dating profiles around the world, will basically play on the sentiments or perceived online relationship for nothing more than financial gain.

These individuals will develop as many online relationships as possible. Love struck partners will be taken for as much as possible. When funds dry up, they will disappear. In addition to not sending money never give out personal information which can be used to access funds or credit in your name. Information such as credit/debit card numbers, birth dates, social security numbers and banking details should never be released to an individual online.


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Looking for love online doesn’t need to be a risky proposition however individuals who go down this path should do so with their eyes wide open. Being realistic with yourself and the type of relationship you hope to find will go a long way towards achieving a stable and satisfactory outcome.

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