Ukrainian dating messages that work: some tips & tricks

Dear friends,

if you are a Western man interested in meeting a Russian or Ukrainian woman online and is not sure how to write the first email here are some tips and tricks that can help you get started and on the path to a meaningful relationship.

Guys, imagine, a beautiful Ukrainian or Russian woman searching for a serious Western man through a famous dating site can receive 150 messages from men that are on the same site that you are registered on. Out of all of those messages she receives, there are only a small percentage that she will actually read. The emails that she will find worth responding to are even a smaller portion.

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You are probably wandering why Russian and Ukrainian ladies only respond to a small fraction of the mass emails she gets. The answer is simple, the majority of the mail she is in receipt of is badly written or the man has sent an abysmal profile.

While she may open a few of the emails, however, after a while they all begin to sound the same and she will become uninterested in the same old drivel over and over again. It will be that one special email that brings a smile to her face or a giggle that makes her say “I have to meet this man.” 🙂

So, how do you become that guy? When creating your first Ukrainian dating email you need to follow the three golden rules of a first date online email. The first one is to intrigue her by grabbing her interest in you. The second rule is humor, make her laugh. There is nothing more appealing to a woman than a man who can make her express amusement. The third and final golden rule is to show some action, prove to her it is worth her time to respond to your letter.

Although this is a first date online, try to take online out of the scenario when composing your letter. Imagine that you are on an actual physical first date. Envision where the two of you are; maybe a quaint café, a picnic in the park, or a night on the town. First impression is everything, so begin your message as if she were standing in front of you.

Envision the conversation between the two of you. What is the first thing you would say to her when you saw her? What would you tell her about yourself? What would you ask her about herself? It will help you to keep in mind; a physical first date is similar to a first date online and should be approached in the same manner.

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When writing your email, be careful as to not make it too long, a lengthy message tends to give an eerie feeling. Besides, women do not want to read a narrative on the reasons why you decided to contact her. Don’t tell her how much your mother would love her, how much you have in common, or your past relationships. It’s sounds desperate and offers too much information. Try to keep the letter short, but not so short that she has nothing to respond to.

Remember, you want to entice her to get to know you better and keep the communication going.

Remember to engage her in the conversation and avoid making it all about you. Ask her questions, preferably ones that pertain to her profile. This will prove to her that you are actually interested in her and not just her pretty face. It will reaffirm to her that you can have an authentic conversation. However, as stated before, first date rules apply to first email dates, don’t get to personal. Deep topics like why are you doing online dating or about her past relationships are conversations that should occur after you have gotten to know each other better. By asking her a question you are giving her the opportunity to respond back to you if she decides to write back to you.

Women love compliments, but appropriate ones like “you’re really pretty” not ones that are of a sexual nature. So, don’t start talking about sex right away and making comments about how much you would enjoy having sex with her. And, for the love of mankind, stay away from making compliments on her womanly anatomy. Those are not endearing compliments and she will not appreciate them. Stick to the compliments that mean something to her, her beautiful eyes and smile.

Ukrainian & Russian online dating is never an easy situation regardless of the method. However, by following these simple rules and guidelines you will increase your odds of having a great first date and the possibility of a relationship with a beautiful Russian / Ukrainian woman.


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