Would you date yourself? Reciprocal traits in a Russian or Ukrainian bride

Dear friends,

Everyone has a checklist of traits and qualifications that they keep in mind when looking for a significant other. When you’re dating, you may realize that the other party may reveal a portion of themselves that puts a kibosh on any potential; something that person said, did, or thinks just didn’t sync up with how you see a partner.

However, it’s important that you look inward from time to time and consider whether or not that you may need to work on the very things you are critical of others about; in essence, would you date yourself?

My best advice in moving forward begins with coming up with a list of qualities you consider valuable for a partner to possess that you may also need to work upon internally.

Below are ten such qualities. Factors that you may expect from a romantic prospect that you may need to work upon with yourself. This list is put forth with no particular order in mind.

#1: Professional Reputation.

Not many people are interested in someone that works a job over a career. While the economy can be crushing, having a legitimate career that you take pride in, complete with a salary and benefits conveys stability and confidence.

#2: Forthrightness. While it can sometimes be a difficult course to follow, honesty is almost always appreciated.

#3: Civility.

This goes hand in hand with showing maturity in one’s dealings. A genteel persona is appealing and preferable to that of a rude one.

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#4: Wholesomeness.

While everyone goes for a “bad boy” or “bad girl” at one point or another in their dating lives, such relationships are ultimately short-sighted and fleeting. The individuals that convey an edifying aura of virtue and propriety are the ones whom are destined for dedicated relationships.

#5: Approachability.

People will always prefer someone with a balanced, pragmatic attitude over someone known to have an erratic or high maintenance attitude.

#6: Organization.

No one likes a long circuitous route when going upon the trip of explaining yourself in any capacity. If you’ve got baggage from previous relationships, you should be direct and inform the potential interest. If you have any legal issues that could snarl your way of life, inform the potential interest. Ultimately, this point of advice boils down to making sure that you are in control of your own life.

#7: Ambitions.

This goes beyond the above point regarding professional reputation, although it coexists with that point, you should always be striving to improve your standing in life and have plans, rather than concepts and outlines, to execute those plans successfully.

#8: Loyalty.

When you have someone that works for you, there is little reason to try juggling that person among other potential candidates. Disloyalty can quickly lead to all sorts of negative influences in your life and can even result in damaging your standing among some of these other tips, such as being honest.

#8: Don’t Treat Romance as a Numbers Game.

Firstly, ignoring this advice flows greatly against the current of wholesomeness and perverts the idea of having ambition. The old adage about a broken clock being right twice a day does not hold as much weight within the realm of dating. Overconfidence in courting can lead to an unsavory reputation that will gain more traction than your number ever could.

#10: Maturity.

Very few people are interested in dealing with a childish adult. Carry yourself with sophistication and a level head.

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2 Responses

  1. iamtanmay says:

    Great article Krystyna. However, I take exception with your statement – “Don’t Treat Romance as a Numbers Game”

    That’s just not true Krystyna. No two human beings are alike, and male female interactions are complex as it is. It is not possible to find a good partner without meeting many, many, many people.

    Most girls I meet are not bad. But they are simply not good enough that I can stay with them in the long run. The years you waste with someone not good enough for you will not return by the time you finally decide to leave.

    Finding someone you respect and are compatible with is like finding a needle in a haystack.

    Love and romance is a numbers game.

  2. b says:

    is number 9 unlucky?

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