Four simple signs that your Russian or Ukrainian bride is a scammer

Dear friends,

Have you been speaking with a Russian or Ukrainian woman on the International dating site recently? As you can imagine, many of these women are not actually who they seem to be. You don’t want to get emotionally involved with a woman to end up being hurt because of lies and deceit.

This “real or fake” issue remains more relevant than ever and you can never be too careful as this is the “digital age”. Every week, I get a lot of messages from my readers like these:

Hello Krystyna,
I talked to one lady on a dating site. The lady trust level displays 100%. I could not communicate with her via skype or through personal email box. Still now, I do not know, if she is real or not. Perhaps the lady is a fake lady? J.

Dear Krystyna,
I meet a lady online who says she is from Ukraine but I’m Not sure what to make of it.
Can you take a look the mail and tell me if the woman is real or not? Brian


Hello Krystyna,
I have begun trying to develop a relationship with a Ukrainian woman. We are still pretty new in our relationship; she seems to answers my questions and tells me that she is looking for love, but who knows. I am planning to travel to Ukraine in the future. Is my woman real or not?
Thank you,

I signed up with Anastasia about two months ago, and I have been sending messages to a woman that lives in Moldova. We write each other once a week and we tell each other about our lives, and what we want for the future. She seems to be a nice, friendly lady and she answers all my questions and told me how she is looking for love, because she met a lot of rich men that wanted to buy her love instead, and this is not what she is looking for. I told her that it would be two more years before I will have my own place to live because I am, going back to college, and she said that it was ok for her, she can wait two years for me. My question is how can I tell is this woman is really sincere about wanting to know me and becoming my friend and future wife. What will I need to look for? Any advice would be appreciated, because she seems like a nice lady and I hope that we will be together one day. Lorenzo

In order to answer all these mails, I would like to give you some simple signs you can determine if the Russian or Ukrainian bride you are speaking with is real or not.

ukraine woman marriage

Sign #1: her pictures are too perfect to be true

The easiest way to tell a fake profile is by the pictures. If a woman only has pictures that are model-perfect and all of them look great, it is a sign that she is not who she says she is. Another indicator is that she is just crazy into you from the moment that you start talking.

Most of the fake Russian and Ukrainian “brides” who are creating the fake profiles are hoping to get something from you in the long run, probably money, so they will act like they are all about you.

Sign #2: asking for money

That is another huge indicator that a bride is not real, when she asks you for money. A Russian and Ukrainian woman who has model pictures and asks you for money is definitely not going to be a real love interest. Even if the woman is who she says she is, she probably just wants to use you for money. These are the situations you want to avoid when venturing into the world of International online dating.

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Sign #3: she has no time to talk to you on the phone

Another obvious indicator that the woman you are speaking with is not genuine is that she never wants to talk on the phone or meet in person. A person who is actually developing feelings for you is going to want to see you and speak to you as much as possible.

Sign #4: she has no time for Skype chatting

You can easily set up a video chat conversation through applications like Skype or Facetime. With technology these days, it is very difficult to have a legitimate excuse for not speaking on the phone or doing a live video chat. Even the basic cell phones have a camera which allows them to use video chat. Don’t be fooled by the women who only want to chat or email with you, especially when they ask for money.

Ukraine women

When you are developing feelings for a woman you will want to spend time with her in person. If she is continuously making excuses for not being able to visit you or have you come visit her, then there is a good chance she is just an impostor trying to scam you for some quick money.


The people on the internet who run these scams are heartless and do not care that you are out there actually looking for love. They will take your friendliness and turn it around on you so that you never think of love the same again.

Be sure to ask some tough questions so that you are sure the person speaking with you is legitimate. Many Western men use these services to make real connections with Russian and Ukrainian women – which lead to happy partnerships. This is what you want to find, not a woman who just wants your bank account.

Be sure to keep these tips in mind if you are having trouble deciphering the authenticity of your Russian or Ukrainian girl.

Check my video on this issue “How to know if your woman from Ukraine is real or not?”

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