How to write the first message to your lady from Russia? (Part 2)

Dear friends,

I am happy to present you the second part of the video tutorial “How to Write the Perfect First Mail to your Russian & Ukrainian Bride?“. In today’s video, I would like to give you more easy tips for writing your first love letter.

You find the first part of this video tutorial hier:

Part 2: Writing your first message to a Russian or Ukrainian bride

Transcription of the video tutorial:


I am Krystyna, a Ukrainian and Russian dating blogger.

Today’s video is the second part of the tutorial “How to Write Your Very First Message to a Russian and Ukrainian woman “. Dear men, we start with the fourth point how to write the perfect mail:

#4: Don’t focus on the ladies’ looks.

A lot of the messages Russian or Ukrainian women get talk about how pretty they are. Like all women, we like compliments, but it makes us uncomfortable if all you have to say is how beautiful Ukrainian and Russian women are.

Yes, we have a mind and yes, we have a personality.

The messages the women from Ukraine and Russia respond to the most are the messages that don’t even mention their looks. I know that many men find our looks attractive. But the women for marriage want a man who finds the rest of them attractive too!

#5: Make sure your profile has a picture.

When the women do write men back, they look at the list and only choose the ones who have a picture posted on the profile. This is not because they only write “hot” men but because profiles with no picture make them suspicious. It makes us think that you aren’t taking the process seriously. Any picture of you is fine. Don’t know how to post a picture to your profile? Find out. Russian or Ukrainian ladies did, why can’t you?

The reason I, and other Ukrainian women, joined an International dating site is to meet men for dating, marriage and life. So we would love to go on a date – if a man makes the right impression with his first mail.

Think about what I’ve said and send an honest and romantic note….maybe your perfect and beautiful Russian or Ukrainian bride will be starting a fine communication with you!

Good luck!

If you need more information on Ukrainian and Russian dating, just visit my site or write me a message! 🙂


krystyna Questions? Feel free to ask Krystyna, your Ukrainian dating expert 🙂 (s. here: Contact Krystyna)



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