Russian & Ukrainian Dating Video: Tips for the first date

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I am very pleased to present you a new video “Russian & Ukrainian Women Dating: Tips for the first date“. As you know, the very first date with a woman from Ukraine or Russia can be totally a financial and emotional disaster if you do it wrong. Preparing for a first date with a Ukrainian lady can be quite nerve-wracking, even for the most mature of individuals. So I am sure that my advice may be very helpful for you.

Transcription of the video tutorial:


I am Krystyna, a Ukrainian and Russian dating blogger.

I believe you are familiar with these dating challenges, namely: communicating with a Ukrainian or Russian woman online is fine and phone calls with her are just wonderful. People want to meet each other in person for the first time. Perfect!

But most men ask themselves how the first date with the Ukrainian woman should be navigated. As you know, the first date can be a disaster if you do it wrong. Today, we try to answer the following questions:

  • What to do?
  • Who will pay for the first date?
  • How much should you pay?

I get many mails from the men who share their experience about dating in Ukraine. Some of them had spent more than $300 on the first date. So the question is this is normal or not? Do Ukrainian men do the same? My answer is NO, this is not normal. No, Ukrainian men do not spend usually so much money at the first date.

My first advice is that you must NOT spend a lot of money at the first date. A bouquet of beautiful flowers is a really MUST-HAVE at the first meeting with Ukrainian and Russian ladies. A medium bouquet costs about $20 in Russia and Ukraine. The candle light dinner should be special but not the best and the most expensive in the city.

The second advice is that you should be ready to pay for the dinner. Ukrainian and Russian ladies do accept the invitation as a must-have and usually do not offer to pay in return.

How to react if a Ukrainian or Russian woman wants to clearly make you bankrupt? You may know such a situation: the woman visibly shows you that she is displeased by your choice of the restaurant and after dinner she can no longer go home by public transport (but taxi would be ok for her).

I advise you: just run away! Well, in my opinion, this is more than evident that this kind of woman you are dating is more interested in your money than in you. Developing a communication and relationship with this woman makes no sense (or do you guess that I am wrong?).

Good luck on your first date in Ukraine and Russia!

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