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I am glad to present you my new video tutorial “Evil generalizations of Ukrainian & Russian brides in the International online dating world“. Today’s video, I would like to discuss some mistakes in beliefs about Russian and Ukrainian women. You surely know that: women from these both countries have been often described or written as being large women with babushkas constantly making borscht. Stereotypes (better: generalization) of Russian and Ukrainian women still permeate. The media often show Russian and Ukrainian ladies as being dishonest and untrustworthy.

Transcription of the video tutorial:


I greet youfrom London! My family moved to this wonderful city a few weeks ago.

The topic of today’s video is not very pleasant but necessary.Sometimes I get mails from my readers who write that they may be foolish to think that they will meet any HONEST woman in Russia or Ukraine. They tell me that they have heard or read that these women must lie to survive, so that these men consider that they should completely forget finding any serious Ukrainian or Russian lady for dating and marriage.

Well, such evil declarations make me mad. There are millions of females who live in Russia and Ukraine. And I would say that these women have different personalities and different characteristics. You can’t believe me BUT there are honest and dishonest, smart and stupid, career and family oriented women in Russia and Ukraine!!! Are all American women honest and smart? Are all German women open and serious? I do not think so! Do you?

Of course, you can meet professional pro-daters and scammers in Ukraine and Russian dating; there are women who have no serious intentions or want only your money or want only to get green card. But this isn’t true of a majority of Russian and Ukrainian women (I believe I am the best example of this statement. I’ve lived in Germany almost 12 years and am married to a German man but I have still a Ukrainian citizenship. Why? Because I have no wish to change it! I am happy as a Ukrainian woman).

You should know that there are well-educated and smart women there. Many of them are employed in such various fields as health care, education and finance.

Russia and Ukraine are large countries with a population of beautiful, wonderful and gorgeous women who are used to living in urban and country environments. Personalities are really different. If someone is looking for a particular kind of woman, they will be able to find her in these countries.

You are wondering if EVERY Russian and Ukrainian woman wishes to leave her country. The reply is Not! Many women wish to stay and work there, start a happy family like for example my sister who lives in Kiev.

Please stop making generalizations us Ukrainian and Russian ladies!

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