Video by Krystyna: What are we, Ukrainian and Russian ladies, like?

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I would like to present you a new video “What are we, Ukrainian and Russian women, like?“. There are a great number of various steretypes about us and many Western men are really confused because they do not know what to expect in a relationship with a Ukrainian or Russian woman.

Transcription of the video tutorial:


I am Krystyna, a Russian and Ukrainian dating blogger.

Many times, I have been asked by many readers what we Russian and Ukrainian women are. What are we looking for? I guess we make Western men curious about what they can expect in Ukraine and Russia. Do all women there want only a serious relationship with Western men? Or are they just for a wild sexual experience? Money? Or maybe green card?

Let’s discuss that together!

Like women all over the world, Ukrainian and Russian women vary from woman to woman. Each is unique with different personalities, interests and goals in life. When it comes to love life, some Ukrainian women are simply looking for some fun in a short-term relationship.

But I have to say that most Ukrainian and Russian women are family-oriented and have a goal of starting a family. They are looking for a partner who is able to take care of their home. They wish a relationship that will last a lifetime.They are searching for a man who knows what he wants, is established with a career, and also has the same ideas in life.

The old lyrics, “I enjoy being a girl”….is definitely true of the Ukrainian or Russian woman. While it is really true the women of Ukraine and Russia want a marriage with financial security, it is not necessary to be wealthy to impress them. They are most interested in knowing that they and their future children will be provided for in a loving, stable home.

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My tip is no one should generalize. You can take the time to search the different dating sites and find out for yourselves what kinds of women are waiting in Ukraine.

Thank you for your attention!

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