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Hi Krystyna,

I have read your posts on here with much interest, I have heard that Russian and Ukrainian ladies aren’t bothered about being faithful, I have found this to be a problem with British ladies, all of my relationships have ended due to infidelity on the ladies side, obviously you can’t answer for other ladies, but is that something that’s common with these ladies.

I also found difficulty finding a lady over here in the UK due to the fact that I am asexual, unfortunately it’s the orientation I was born with, I am unable to do anything about it, I respect that a lady may think that I don’t find her good enough, or that I may be cheating, I always state that I’m asexual from the start, I’ve not yet used a dating site although I have browsed them, I’m wondering if I’m going to be wasting our time by even registering to a dating site.

I have heard of men going out to visit the lady they’ve been talking to on dating sites, they’ve spent much money on the dating site, learning the language, then getting over to one of these countries, is there any good advice on how to avoid this sort of thing happening?

I know this is nothing to do with the dating side as such, but can you recommend a good online Russian language training program that doesn’t break the bank to learn, even if I do register to a dating site, I would love to visit Russia and Ukraine in the future

Thank you for your assistance



Krystyna answers:



Hello Andy,

thank you very much for your comment here. 🙂

As you wrote in your message, I cannot answer for other girls. But it is not right if you would say that ALL the Russian and Ukrainian women aren’t bothered about being faithful. There are really very different women in Ukraine and Russia. You can meet honest and dishonest, faithful and unfaithful. E.g., faith is very important to me and I love being faithful to my husband. You would tell me that my view is wrong if I say all the Western men only use Russian and Ukrainian women for sex tourism and have no serious intentions about them, wouldn’t you? There are surely different foreign men with different personalities.

The International online dating services may be really expensive. But there are many alternatives to them.
Check my youtube video “Can Russian dating work without PAID dating sites?” on this issue:

As I wrote in my article, there are totally free dating sites:


You can test these sites. You do not have to pay anything for their services.

There are a few sites and youtube video channels to learn Russian for free.
You can check following resources I found on the WEB:


I hope I could help you!
For any questions, advice and tips just get in touch with me 🙂

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5 Responses

  1. karls says:

    Hi i watched ur post in utube. It was enough to pay me attention.

    I have question. I joined a dating site named dream marriage.

    1. Dose the agency send msgs to any man automatically?? I mean not by ladies.

    2. Many girls are online even the time is between 2 ~ 6 am in ukraine time.

    3. Are their jobs indicated in profile true ?? Coz sometimes they say that they are a doctor but they are too young to be a doctor.

    Thanks for reading my comment.

    • Krystyna Krystyna says:

      Hi Karls,

      thank you for your comment here.

      I cannot answer your questions exactly because I have not been working for this company.
      But here is my view on the services:

      1. Dose the agency send msgs to any man automatically?? I mean not by ladies.

      I can imagine that DreamMarriage send automatical messages to male customers to motivate them to communicate with women. You should buy more and more credits for being active on the site. My question to you is do you have to pay for reading women’s messages? If yes, it is obviously that you have to loose your credits for reading the romantic messages from potential brides.

      2. Many girls are online even the time is between 2 ~ 6 am in ukraine time.

      The same reply. I do not believe that women who work are online at night. If you use paid chat services, you do not see who is beyond the display.
      Chats are usually very expensive and the company is interested the customer spends money on it. Thus, the girls are always online!!!…

      3. Are their jobs indicated in profile true ?? Coz sometimes they say that they are a doctor but they are too young to be a doctor.

      Your question is difficult to answer. I am not sure if the profile are real or fake.

      Honestly, there are other services with better image. Save your money and time!


  2. karls says:

    What do u think which site is the most reliable ?

    • Krystyna Krystyna says:

      Hi Karls,

      it is really hard to say you which site is the most reliable.
      Each site (and does not matter if it is free or paid) has fake profiles, scammers and pro-daters. I always recommend men to use services which allow a direct contact with the woman if men decide looking for a Russian or Ukrainian wife through a paid dating site.
      E.g. ElenasModels, LoveMe or APrettyWoman.

      You can try your luck by using marriage agencies which are pretty expensive (Mordinson, KievConnections) or free dating sites.

      But remember – without using a common sense you can getting scammed everywhere.


  3. ....... says:

    Regarding Andy’s question… Very well said Ms. Krystyna ^^
    In every country there are some ladies that are naughty but don’t forget that there are also many that has a respect for themselves. Respect the ladies for them to show some respect to you too… ^^

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