Ukrainian dating without paid dating sites – possible?

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I am happy to present you a new Russian and Ukrainian dating video “Does Ukrainian & Russian Dating work without paid dating sites?“. Are expensive Russian and Ukrainian online dating sites really an only possible way to find a woman for life? This way is rather complicated and the chance of getting scammed is more than high! What to do? Are there any alternative methods? Let’s talk about that today!

Transcription of the video tutorial:

krystyna bloggerHello,

I am Krystyna, a Ukrainian and Russian dating blogger.

I am sure that many Western men ask themselves if Ukrainian and Russian dating works without using expensive dating sites. The sites are full of fake profiles and finally, the man has only frustrated feelings and no hope to find a serious Ukrainian or Russian woman for life. Are there any alternatives to these paid sites?

Today, I would talk about possible ways to find a woman from Ukraine or Russia.

#1: Matchmaking and marriage agencies

We start with matchmaking and marriage agencies. The big difficulty of using these services is their price. They are really expensive. If you decide to use one of these agencies in Ukraine or Russia, you have to pay between $2000 and $4000 per trip and you get arranged only 3-5 dates during your stay in these countries. If you are lucky and find a wonderful Ukrainian or Russian woman for marriage, so this money is not much for that.

But if you have to still look for your dream lady, you have to save more $4000 to go for romantic date to Ukraine and Russia. The plus of matchmaking agencies is personal service and small data bank of the women which means to me, the chance of getting scammed by using these services is less than by using big dating sites.

#2: Free dating sites & social networks

Another alternative is free dating sites like and social networks like These sites are simple to use and most of the profiles are real. The big problem is that women registered on these sites are not specifically looking for a foreign man. So, the “no reply” rate is really very high. If you show a lot of patience, you will surely find your woman for life there. Another problem is that most women do not speak English. So, your communication may be pretty poor.

#3: Going to Russia and Ukraine by yourself

And the last alternative is going by yourself to Russia and Ukraine to find a wife. So you can rent an apartment for a few weeks and visit some events to find the woman for life. Or you can use local dating sites for that. The problem is that this way can be pretty expensive and you can get troubles with your job. So think about this method in depth before deciding for it to find a Ukrainian or Russian wife.

Good luck!


krystyna dating blogger


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  1. James O'Hare says:

    Dear Krystyna,

    Be honest and I think you all have a major problem with honesty. And I have never seen so many beautiful and intelligent women, who know nothing about anything. You don’t know who owes the agencies. The customer care group for, supposed in Moscow doesn’t know who signs their paychecks, refuses to video or have their voices recorded. And the customer service people must really be confused about geography. Last time I checked, Moscow was no where near Florida or New York. And God bless them, I know when I am talking to a gay gentleman, these men would not be on Putin’s Christmas card list. See my problem is I am not the one who discriminates against women or gays. I am not anti Semitic and actually have attempted to make friends with several Jewish people and found them to be rather money hungry and separatists . I was told by one of the Anastasia American employees he thought Anastasiadate was owned by the Jewish Federation and I, after the fact, have discovered that the Russian Mafia, is predominantly Jewish due to a number of factors. I am so disappointed the women are selling themselves out to corrupted and racist white men. Good Old boys. I am not a good old boy and being white and male gives me no birthright to anything. They knew legally I was vulnerable of which I —————-it does not matter much now as they already knew legally I was dead in the water. I am not running for political office and frankly don’t really care what others think of my opinions, as my conscience–which is God talking to me, tells this site is all about money with little to no conscience and kindness just become a weakness for most others to exploit. This sites are nothing but a FRAUD. I have plenty of proof, but I am not going to hurt women on the site as they are not ones running Anastasia’s site

    Knows the Truth

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