How to understand my Ukrainian woman?

Hi Krystyna,

Just wanted to ask you for your opinion on a few things relating to Ukraine women and there manner..

On Boxing Day this year I joined a dating service, a simple application available to download and met on there a beautiful Ukraine Lady called Tatyana… She is 6 years younger than me, so similar age range really.

Conversations progresses from getting to know each other with simple questions, to chatting over instant messaging for up to 3 hours per day… Recently she gave me her number and today I called her, we seemed to get on we’ll over the phone, her English is very very good. Anyway I’ve read many things on the scams and ways to spot them, and I haven’t seen any signs of her being anything other than genuine… But we have already discussed me going over to see her for a weekend, waiting for a passport to be renewed, she would like that as soon as possible…

I just want to know is it normal for ladies from Ukraine to be quite, well hot and cold I guess, one minute she loves chatting with me and we talk for hours, and the next it’s like she’s got better things to Do and makes her excuses to leave, she’s also proving very elusive regarding taking a photo of herself and sending it to me… I have a few photos of her, and she of me, but they are all a year maybe 2 old.

I’ve treated her with nothing but respect, and complimented her every day as a guy should do…
I’m just concerned this is either a possible scam, or not understanding ladies feelings properly from the Ukraine…

I don’t know, any advice on what makes you girls happy and what you value would be appreciated… I seemed to have such a connection with her, but now I can’t get over there as fast as what she had hoped, it just seems the relationship seems to be dieing… Ringing alarm bells, but is that for scam or disappointment reasons not see me?!

I know all ladies are complicated, just wanted to gauge your opinions..
I’m 34 and she’s 28 by the way, I live in the UK and like to think I’m a traditional caring and sensitive guy, who likes to take care of his lady and in return receive loyalty, honesty and love…



Krystyna answers:



Hi Adam,

I see no sign of scam according to your words. As for me, the woman is just communication with you. It is a little bit complicated to tell you if the woman has really serious intentions towards you or not. I have to say you that the soul of Russian and Ukrainian women is a mystery. These women have a very special culture and mentality. Many readers write to me that it is not easy to win a heart of a Russian and Ukrainian lady. The forbidden fruit is a sweet fruit (a long-known truth :)). Winning the love of Russian and Ukrainian women is not an easy task. But this love is worth the wait! Russian and Ukrainian women can make any man the happiest on earth. Ukrainian women are unlike any other women in the world.

I would like to give you some tips how to identify if your woman from Ukraine or Russia is into you and has serious intentions or she wants just an affair:

You write that you are chatting up to 3 hours per day. It is a really good sign that the woman has good intentions. If she is willing to talk for hours and enjoy your company then you know you’ve found a keeper. Second, if she is interested a meeting in person, it will also show her true intentions, in my opinion. After getting to know her one on one it is best to meet her family.

ukraine women

Do not be pushy with this as the most positive sign will be her own personal invitation. This shows that her heart is truly connected with yours and she is willing to bring you into her life. If she does not mention family it may not be an immediate bad sign. Sometimes there are family problems that she may not wish to return to. If she is open with you then this is a very positive sign as personal histories are a must in any strong relationship.

You should also be aware of cultural differences when looking for positive signs. Some cultural habits may not be consistent with your own but this does not mean her heart is not yours. Compassion and respect are universal traits that should be present in any relationship.

You have to think about scam if the woman asks for financial assistance for arranging a personal meeting.

Ukrainian and Russian dating scammers may ask for money for any of the following reasons:

  • Visa (More than likely through a fake travel agency)
  • Tickets (Again, more than likely through a fake travel agency)
  • Other travel documents such as passports or medical papers
  • Health problems or a death in the family
  • Cell phones
  • Money to repay outstanding loans that will prevent them from leaving the country
  • Money lost due to robbery or theft

I am not saying that all the dating sites that contain Russian or Ukrainian women are scams. Many men have used these two areas only because research shows that this is where the majority of the dating scams originate from. There are other counties as well that are gaining notoriety for dating scams: Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, and more recently, England to name a few.

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The most important dating tip in my opinion, do not send money for visas, tickets, emergencies, pay off loans, or for any other reason. If you are convinced that the person is legitimate, go to that person’s country and meet them in a very public place for your first meeting.

Good luck!

I wish you a lot of luck in Ukrainian dating adventure!

krystyna dating blogger


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