To go or not to go to Ukraine: that is the question

Hi Krystyna,

I want to just say thank you for your site. It is very nice to have a site where I can get good honest advise on this subject that I have been obsessed with for the last several years.

I am finally able to see my goal and will be able to go to Ukraine by spring.

I have been communicating with a couple different women from Kiev and what I am wondering from you, is it safe for an American to travel into Kiev, Donetsk, Odessa, Kremenchug ??

Are there still political battles in any of these areas??

I will wait for your answer and again thank you very much for your videos and blog… it is very helpful!



Krystyna answers:



Hello John,

First I would like to say you thank you for your message and your warm words about my video channel and blogs.
Very kind from you! And seconldly, I would like to insure you that I’ll give my best to answer your questions in details.

Honestly, I have not watched the news about the current political and social situation in Ukraine for a few weeks because that all makes me only sad and angry. But as I know, the situation in Kiev is the most secure and the foreign people might feel comfortable there. My sister still lives in Kiev and she tells me that there are no battles and other war events in the capital.

Going to East and South Ukraine (Donetzk and Odessa) is not recommended. Of course, the situation can change within the next months but currently I would not recommend you to go to these cities. Kremenchug is in the central Ukraine, thus there is a calm situation there. I think it would be no problem to visit this city.

If you wish to meet all the women from these cities, you could invite them to meet you in Kiev, e.g. dating each woman for 1-2-3 days. But it may be expensive for you because the current financial situation in Ukraine is really terrible and the women may not have enough money for such trips. So most of them would expect to be supported by you when organizing the romantic trip to Kiev.

I hope I could help you with my insights.

For any questions, advice and tips just get in touch with me 🙂

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