4 Types of Ukraine & Russian Online Dating Scammers

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The Russian and Ukrainian online dating scams are often a waste of money or time and can easily be avoided by keeping your eyes open. Today, I present you four possible of Russian and Ukrainian dating scammers.


I am Krystyna, your Russian and Ukrainian dating blogger.

There are many Ukrainian and Russian women truly looking for love. But there are also a huge number of scammers. I would like to tell you about four possible types of scammers – so that you can easily recognize and avoid them.

Type #1: “I am just after your money”

It is the most popular scam. While you think you are getting closer, she’s moving closer to your cash. There are some ways how they get your money: they ask you for it, or they tell you they dream to buy something and you offer to buy it. Or a translation agency will write you that you have to pay for the communication with the woman. There are really a great number of the methods to scam you. The scam type happens only during your online communication.

Type #2: “I want gifts”

This scam type is like prostitution. As a rule, you meet this woman in person and she tells you that if you wanna see her, you have to buy her different gifts or pay for her expenses.

Type #3: “I am just a letter writer”

I guess these women just need a little bit attention in their hard lives or they just want to improve their English. You can have excellent online communication with them (romantic messages, skype dating) but they will never have time to meet your in person. Take the hint and don’t cater to these types.

Type #4: “I am just curious”

The curious types are also complete wastes of your time. They are scammers too because they join dating sites but never actually date. These ladies will waste hours of their time looking at profiles for entertainment apparently. But if they don’t respect their time, they will not respect yours. If you see, the woman does not make any effort (does not reply your questions or disappears for weeks), just forget about her.


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  1. Bob Hoelle says:

    I have been emailing and chatting a lady for 1 year now and can finally make a visit in August. She is in Lugansk so we are meeting in Kiev since I cannot go into that zone. She will not finish school until the spring so we had no choice to wait. I planned on having her stay at the motel with me, but she says she has a friend who lives there. She has not asked for money or gifts or even help traveling, but of late she has been a little distant hopefully due to job and school getting more, but she said nothing has changed and she still wants a meeting to see if we have chemistry. I learned recently about scamming problems and she was not happy when I brought this up and had concerns she might be working for the agency. I am concerned about my visit having never been there. I am also considering writing a lady or 2 from that area as a back up plan if it does not work out, but will not disclose this. Am I doing this right? Any advice for me? Thank you Bob

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