Is my older Ukrainian bride a scammer?

Hi Krystyna,

She is beautiful and 53 years old. She has 2 children of which 1 is disabled. I told her I was an aircraft mechanic for an airline. She only speaks English basics. She asked if I was a pilot for the airline. She then apologized for what I am not sure. Do you think this might be a scam? I would like your opinion on this.

Thanks, neal


Krystyna answers:



Hello Neal,

Surely, I can unterstand you why you think about possible scam. Of course, you should be careful.
But it is really very very hard to say you if this girl is scam or not based only on two messages.
I have experienced many times already that in most cases men become extremely cautious when they use an International dating website and often wish to believe a woman is genuinely interested in them. In my opinion, too often the fear of a scam stops communication in what could be the beginning of a real, lasting relationship.

I cannot see any red signs that the woman may be a scammer. But there is also too little information.
Imagine – I am writing to you and telling you that I have a new friend but do not know if she is reliable or not. She is 44 and have 2 kids. Sometimes, she apologies but I cannot understand for what. So could you please tell if she is a good friend or not?

There are some anti-scam rules that can help you to avoid getting scammed. In my opinion, Western men are getting scammed if they do not follow three simple anti-scam rules:

(1) Sending money for visas, tickets, emergencies, pay off loans, or for any other reason to the foreign woman they have never met before;
(2) Falling in love with the woman within a few emails and believe the woman if she writes she is in love after 2-3 mails;
(3) Using a paid dating service with bad reputation.

In conclusion, I recommend you the following ebook on Russian/Ukrainian dating scam. It is really important to learn more about this matter: (written by Krystyna, for free)

Good luck!

I wish you a lot of luck in Ukrainian dating adventure!

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  1. Tom says:

    Does a Russia 29 year girl need to show customes 2870 to be able to leave the country?

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