$350 for the international passport fee?

Hi Krystyna,

I have been corresponding via email for 60 days with a 34 yr old woman in Ukraine and on the edge of sending money, but have hesitated just for all the reasons typical of scams. I am older by 30 yrs than her and why would she desire an older guy except for money. Of course I am very handsome and in good athletic condition ..lol.

Is there any way to verify her identity, her place of work, whether she is a serial scammer, etc.. She has sent a photo of her internal Ukrainian passport, I have spoken with her 2x on the phone but her English is broken. She works for Watson’s Beauty Supply ( a legit firm) if she really works there. She uses work computer.

She has sent no nude pics. She has not asked for money and when asked a specific question answers it as directly as I could expect. She has given me the name of a travel agency and I have emailed them 2x for info. Are you familiar with easy.travel@ukr.net?

I am tempted to send $350 for the international passport fee as a starter. Is there any way to verify whether she already has an international passport? I am in Houston and there is a Ukrainian Embassy here – could they be of assistance.

Thanks for any help you can offer.



Krystyna answers:



Hello Ken,

Hi Ken,

I have made an online research and found out that travel agencies in Kiev charge between $20 and $100 for supporting in applying for International travel passport. So you can see that your woman wants too much from you. And as for me, it is a red sign that although your woman is real, but she can be a professional pro-dater and scammer. Scamming may be her job.

Samples of visa agencies in Kiev with their USA visa services (use Google translator for understanding)

  • http://pasport.org.ua/oformlenie-i-vydacha-zagranpasporta
  • http://businessvisit.com.ua/zagranpasport/zagranpasport-kiev/
  • http://www.uletay.com.ua/ovir/article118.htm

Another red sign is that the travel agency has a general mail address. Every travel agency in Ukraine has an official website with the information about the company incl. tax number, registration number and so on. Have you ever received this information?

I would like to say that 60 days (2 months) of online communication is too little time to decide if you are ready to send the money to the woman you hardly know. Be patient and see if the woman is really interested in you. Using Skype is also a very good way to verify identify. Fake pictures are common among dating site and mail order bride sites, but a live video chat is very hard to fake.

I were you, I would not send her this money. You can say her that you will give her this money after she will get the visa and come to your home land to visit you. If she says that she wants to visit you, she would think about her financial situation.

In conclusion, I recommend you the following ebooks on Russian/Ukrainian dating scam. It is really important to learn more about this matter:

https://ukrainiandatingblog.com/krystynas-ukrainian-dating-books/ukrainian-dating-guide-avoiding-scams-krystyna/ (written by Krystyna, for free)

You find more information in my video tutorial: Recognizing Ukrainian and Russian online dating scam

Good luck!

I wish you a lot of luck in Ukrainian dating adventure!

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4 Responses

  1. Carlos Medrano says:

    Thank you so much for your help .
    I have been victim of scam for almost 33,000.00
    but it was with a Colombia woman.

    now I am corespondent with an Ukraine woman , she live in Luhansk
    at time i meet her on line was living on Russia , now she back
    home , and for few month lost her , but now we are in plan , so she travel
    but my pass experience , do no help , and every time I ask like , a photo
    of her in a way that only she can take and willing she refuse , and to be
    clear, is not thing on to be shame , like put on top head a coke can
    and close left eyes and rise right arms .
    all she reply it , that I am hurting her by not trusting her.
    and all she want is to come to me, and be a teacher cause that what she is
    on Ukraine but do to war she has no Job ,

    any way i do not mind lousing , few money more but I am so a fear ,
    the again some one , lie but , is there a more secure place for some one
    to me a real person form Ukraine or Russian where the chance will be less???

    if you know one please tell me .

  2. Bob says:

    Carlos, maybe you don’t mind loosing a few bucks, but it’s because of (sorry to say) stupidity like that, that there are so many scammers on these sites..

    If no one gave the scammers money, they would just be wasting their time and eventually disapear.. But if they keep finding suckers, they will keep flooding the dating sites.

    It’s really simple.. NEVER SEND ANY MONEY.. Lol

    I have meet several girls online, Thai, philippine, East block girls.. And since i’m really not much of a traveler myself, they have allways come to visit me..
    ..in every case, i have made it 100 % clear that i would naturally pay their flight ticket (this is booked and payed by me, directly to the travel/airline company) but never send any money, not for english class, translations, visa fee, sick grandmother or anything else they can think off..
    This meaning, the girl will have to pay, (or at least pay up front, as you can allways agree you will refund her this payment AFTER she has arrived to you) the small fees needed for the visa aplication at embasy.. This will also show you that she is as sirious as you are, and not just after your money.

    I have never had any REAL girl that i talked to and meet complaint about this, only the scammers will really.

    Nb. Sadly with Ukraine women profiles on dating sites, there is a crazy high scam rate these days.. Some of the free sites, propably more scammers than real profiles, so be carefull.. And again, NEVER SEND MONEY ! Only way to kill this problem 🙂

  3. Mark says:

    Good day my Mark!

    Yours Lady Tatyana is missing you and writing you to ask how do you feel yourself today? I am sorry that I didn’t write you yesterday, just yesterday and today have busy working days that even didn’t have a minute to write you and even don’t speak that I didn’t have time to go and to know what papers I need for my coming to you! Honey, tomorrow I have not a lot of lessons and will try to know what exactly I need for a trip abroad and at once will inform you!

    Very often people ask how long love exists. You know, I also thought about this question…In my personal opinion this is a question of your luck. Why? I consider that if we meet right person, love will be forever! I wish to achieve this eternity and to try it with my the only beloved man. Maybe have I already met him 😉 ? I know the one that you are not just usual man in my life and we together are able to feel this feeling on ourselves! Exactly love it is the one thing that makes a person stronger, a woman more beautiful, a man kinder, soul easier and our life more wonderful!

    My sweetheart, maybe that emotions which we feel when are in love show us our normal condition and who we really are. I suppose that exactly love depicts us like a mirror. I looked for one case one time in my life and want to tell you about it. There was one girl who lived in the neighborhood with me. She is the same age as me, but she always was another…My friends and I didn’t communicate with her in our childhood and teenage years. For us she was always like the ugly duckling, for that reason that this girl was very malicious and always was crying.

    Why did I remember about it? When I saw her last time I was positively surprised! She is nice young lady who shines like a diamond! I was told that she fell in love and created the happy family and changed in the better side. This is completely another woman…Love makes with people unbelievable things and changes!I would like to become for you the most wonderful and beautiful lady, to warm you with the kindest heart in the world, to show you how it is nice to live on this planet! My dearest, you are able to give me to try everything is on myself, I know it! Let’s change ourselves together for the best life. I think we have laready begun to do it with you!

    I wait for you letter very much and send you my kisses from the kindest heart :

    Hello my darling Mark!

    Dear, today I came to the agency to know everything about Visa and papers to travel to you! Dear, when I entered that agency I met there my friend since my childhood! One more time I am sure that our world is small! We had a talk with her and as it turned she moved here one half a year also from Luhansk and now works in this agency!!! I didn’t expect to see her there and was very surprised…It turned that we have some similar situations on our lives and difficulties which are cause by the war in our homeland. I was so glad to meet a person from the past life and during that time when we talked, it seemed to me that I returned to that times where everything was nice an good! But as I came to the agency where she works, we didn’t have enough time for discussions about life and I told her my situation about trip. I am writing you with exact information which I have known. Dear, my friend told me that we have two variants how to do it. First one is that I can do all preparations by my own. If I chose this way, it will look so:

    Tickets in two ways with the route Kiev-NewYork-Kiev cost 681$ It is necessary to have two way tickets for embassy.

    156$ – it is price of Visa. It allows me to stay in country for 90 days.

    250$ – to get Kiev (it can take some times, because of different changes which can happen while the period of executions of documents)

    233$ – are for such needs as medical insurance, booking hotel and other papers to get Visa. All these demands are set by embassy like booking hotel is just a formality.
    In total price of such variant amounts 1320$

    But my friend recommended me another more convenient and profitable variant! If we do in this way it will cost less and will be easier. So second way to get to you it is Travel Package. If we chose it, it will be necessary to go to Kiev only one time to get Visa. This service includes: Visa, tickets, booking hotel and all necessary papers. Agency assures that I will get Visa without problems in term of seven to ten days. In another way they return money! The price of this Travel Package is 1105$. But there are Christmas sales 10% and if if decide to make it it will costs 994,5$!!! You see that it is good way to save some money, and the For additional expenses and for trip to Kiev I will need about 100$. Total price of this variant is 1094,5$. In comparison of these variants you can see that this way is cheapest and more convenient. I don’t know what do I need to do? To be glad or sad? Dear, I realize that it is not a little sum and now I am just in loss! To tell the truth I didn’t think that price will be so high… In any way you are man and decision is for you! I don’t know what to tell more…… It will be much better if you phone and we could discuss everything with you! I will wait…


  4. Joseph lorenzo says:

    I’m in love with my ukranian girl friend. I’m a Nigerian and we have plans of getting married. Any advice on the kind of visa I need it will the marriage be recognised if registered in Nigeria.

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