How can I tell if this Ukrainian woman is a real person or not?

Hi Krystyna,

I’ve been writing this beautiful woman on a free dating site can you tell me by her letter if she is a real person “she looks like a model!” here’s here first letter:

Hello Allen,

Thank you very much for your mail and for telling me about your dreams and intentions. Just like you, I am looking for love and strong, long-lasting relationship, I am dreaming of having my own family, and this is the only reason why I joined the dating site. I hope to find a serious, family-oriented man.

I hope you can tell me a bit more about your everyday life, things you enjoy doing, your family, your work. Profile is profile, but I prefer you to tell me a bit about yourself. This time I will tell you a bit about me and my life. I work as the manager for the fashion and beauty center. We work with the foreign companies so this keeps me pretty busy here in my country and abroad.

I love traveling, history, mythology, and archaeology and always try to find the sights where I can learn more about this or that country. Unfortunately, I do not travel too much these days, because of the war situation in Ukraine.

I am a sporty girl – sport activities take much time as I keep my body fit. Every week I go to the fitness courses and to the swimming pool.

As for the meantime I prefer to spend it alone and do not like big companies. I do not find the night clubs and disco interesting and prefer spending my leisure time outside, in the nature where I can uplift my mood and energy. I enjoy cooking – I can cook almost everything, so I can say about myself that I am a good cook but not a very good eater. I love pets and prefer cats and dogs. I am planning to buy one more dog the next year. I enjoy good movies and serious literature. I love photography. I also enjoy fashion and designing the clothes, not only because I work in this sphere but mostly because fashion always gives me the vast field for imagination and creativity.

My family is not too big. My Mom is the housewife now, but she worked as the teacher. My Dad is the politician and he is busy all the time – I can hardly see him a few times a month, because he is always too busy.

Well, what else to say? I think it will be much better if you ask me. I will tell you anything you would like to know about me, so never hesitate to ask.

I will end my introduction here as it may become boring or too long. At least, I have given you some information about me that will help you have a better insight into my life and personality.

Looking forward to your reply,


her 2nd letter:

Hello Allen,

Thank you for your mail. I just returned back home from my work and was glad t receive your mail. From now on, I am on holidays that will last till January.

Just like you, I am interested in mysteries of our planet and the universe. This is one of the subjects that attracts me from childhood. The untold history, the knowledge of the ages long gone, lost civilizations, the occult, the hidden powers of the human brain, the supernatural… – this all is of great interest to me.

ukraine dating

Answering your question about the age difference, I must say that I am looking for a man older than me. Older man has more life and love experience, and it is important in a relationship. man shall not only be a loving husband, but at the same time the teacher that will help his wife to know life better. Man shall always be the driving force in the relationship. But of course, taking important decisions shall be the responsibility of both parties. I can imagine my future only with a man who is older than me.

I agree with you that Slavonic women are known as the best wives. This is probably why many men from other countries search for love in Russia or Ukraine. We have good morals and traditional family values which is nowadays is rare thing for European and American women.

This time I would like to ask you several questions. This little questionnaire will help me get to know you better, find out more about your personality and your interests, so please be sincere answering these questions for me.

What things you like and dislike in women?
Tell me more about your interests, hobbies, things that you find attractive in this life.
How do you see your perfect day out with your One and Only lady?
What things you find romantic?
Do you like traveling? If so, what countries in the world would you like to visit one day?
What do you prefer: thousand letters, or a personal meeting?
What is your biggest aim that you are planning to achieve?

Thank you beforehand for answering my questions. If you want to ask me something – never hesitate. It will be my pleasure to answer all possible questions you may have for me. I am looking forward to your reply,


I’m falling hard for this woman and don’t want to be heart-broken,

Thank you for your help, I enjoy your videos “great work!”



Krystyna answers:



Hi Allen,

Surely, I can unterstand you why you think about possible scam. Of course, you should be careful. But it is really very very hard to say you if this girl is scam or not based only on two messages. I have experienced many times already that in most cases men become extremely cautious when they use an International dating website and often wish to believe a woman is genuinely interested in them. In my opinion, too often the fear of a scam stops communication in what could be the beginning of a real, lasting relationship.

Let’s analyze her mails together! Why these mails do not make me suspicious?

Here are the reasons for that:

  • the woman comments your first letter in her 2nd letter – so the 2nd mail is not written automatically
  • she asks you a lot of questions and expects to be asked by you
  • she does not write you that she is in love with you – always a red sign if the woman falls in love after 2-3 mails
  • you have met this woman on a free dating site – so you won’t get scammed by a dating site

As for me, her mails sound pretty genious. I would know from where she can write in such a perfect English 🙂 From my side, I would say that nothing venture, nothing have or nothing great is easy. Or who dares, wins.

In Russian, who does not risk, does not drink champaign. I just wanna say you that you can fail also in offline dating and any woman can disappoint you. Relationship and marriage with a Ukrainian do not guarantee you a happy end. Any relationship can fail, no matter where you meet your woman and where she comes from. Thus, if you like this woman and she gives you no signs of scamming, give you and her a chance and just develop your communication.

I recommend you to read following articles and get idea of scam letters from the women:

You find more tips how to find out if your woman is real or not in my articles:

  1. How to verify the true identity of a Ukrainian bride on a dating site
  2. Three other tips to find out if your Ukrainian woman is real

There are some anti-scam rules that can help you to avoid getting scammed.
In my opinion, Western men are getting scammed if they do not follow three simple anti-scam rules:

  1. Sending money for visas, tickets, emergencies, pay off loans, or for any other reason to the foreign woman they have never met before;
  2. Falling in love with the woman within a few emails and believe the woman if she writes she is in love after 2-3 mails;
  3. Using a paid dating service with bad reputation – it is not your case because you are using a free site.

Check my video “Are all Russian and Ukrainian (mail order) brides scammers?

Good luck!

I wish you a lot of luck in Ukrainian dating adventure!

krystyna dating blogger


Questions? Feel free to ask Krystyna, your Ukrainian dating expert 🙂 (s. here: Contact Krystyna)



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  1. razzy says:

    hi, how r ya doing? i have a small question to ask ya…..I am an indian guy born in Australia but the only indian thing in me are my looks that’s about it…so just wondering if russian or ukrainian women likes indian western men….I am good looking for an indian men though…..thank you..

  2. Ashley says:

    Can you come to canada

  3. Joseph says:

    I have received similar letters from scammers. The list of questions I’ve seen many times. They do give a good second letter. But some make a mistake and send an identical letter. I just received one yesterday and it had the exact same photos. Another thing I notice is professional photos with expensive cloths.

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