Interview with Graham: Ukrainian dating – just sort of happened

Story of a Man who searched for Ukrainian woman and found her in the Mordinson marriage agency

Graham is British, he decided to find a woman in Ukraine and succeeded in his search, which however was not stress-free. His story is a great illustration to the fact that even though it may not be always easy to find a soul mate abroad – it’s still very real. Today, he will share his experience of Ukrainian dating and give very valuable tips in the exclusive interview with Krystyna, your Russian and Ukrainian dating blogger and coach.


Krystyna: Hi Graham, can you tell us a couple of things about yourself?

Graham: I am a university lecturer. I have worked hard to get a stable professional job. I was looking for a partner to share lifes’ experiences with. I am an ordinary person who dislikes drama in life. I work hard and try to ensure that when I am not working I enjoy all that life has to offer.

Krystyna: Why did you decide to search for a woman in Ukraine?

Graham: It just sort of happened. I was trying online dating and I liked some of the cultural values of Ukraine. Not the modern designer goods, Dubai worshiping get consumer goods at any price culture that drives corruption. I was attracted to the work hard and eventually you will get success culture where marriage is not for immediate rewards but a long term commitment.

Krystyna: Have you experienced any difficulties during your search for the right woman in Ukraine?

Graham: Absolute Nightmare. ALL the large pay by letter sites are deeply fraudulent and corrupt. Dating fraud seems to be a major part of Ukraines GDP. The pay by letter sites encourage this. Get rich by pretending you want to date a man. It is a form of prostitution.

Krystyna: You met your fiancée through the Mordinson marriage agency in Kharkov, Ukraine. Why did you decide to use that agency?


Graham: I had found out the hard way, that the pay by letter sites were full of scammers and professional daters. Mordinson was decent & honest and had an excellent unimpeachable reputation. The girls were genuinely interviewed to ensure they were serious. No pictures of semi clad, model like women on their site, just happy normal girls who had realistic expectations, careers and clear honest goals.

Krystyna: And what was your experience with that agency like?

Graham: After one polite rejection (which added to the credibility of the site), the first girl who agreed to communicate turned out to be the one I was looking for. Letters were translated promptly and were definitely written by the girl I was interested in. Gifts were actually given to the girl.

Visiting was painless, I arrived in a strange country, was welcomed, given an important orientation talk, was introduced to the girl and was able to negotiate a possible future. All the important services like honest translation and visa application were available.

Michael Mordinson gave the impression that he was available to provide support & advice if it was needed. I didn’t need it that much but it was reassuring that the safety net was there. His gentle sense of humor was a welcome respite from the tension of a first time meeting.

Find additional information about the Mordinson Agency:

Krystyna: How are the Ukrainian women different from the women in UK?

Graham: You cannot stereotype a whole cultural group that is so diverse! Two general types of women seem to exist in Ukraine. The Dubai loving, consumer goods addicted, get rich quick professional fraudsters and the “ordinary” women who are more grounded and have “traditional values” about working hard and making commitments they stick to. Neither of these two groups exists in any number in the UK.

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Krystyna: What would you advice to single men interested in finding a woman from Ukraine? What mistakes should they try to avoid?

Graham: Do NOT under any circumstances use the pay by letter sites. Sites such as Anastasia date, UA dreams and veronika are proven to be giant internet scams that hide behind fraudulent “anti scam” policies. They do not refund your money if you are defrauded.

Be prepared to pay slightly more up front for a genuine introduction service.

Be honest about what you are and how you live life, relationships can only be based on honest foundations.

Be prepared to visit and spend time with the girl you are interested in but do this through situations you have control over. An agency should be there to support & facilitate, not forcing itself into the interaction to try & get a cut of the money being spent.

All I can say in summary, is that Mordinsons worked for me! They are genuine, honest and effective.

Krystyna: Thank you very much for the interview, Graham! I wish you lots of happiness with your beloved!

Graham: Thank you, Krystyna!

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