5 basic rules to help find the ideal wife from Ukraine and Russia

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We all know how difficult it is to find a wife in Ukraine or Russia. Internet scam, unreliable dating and matchmaking services, brides without good faith and honest intentions… What to do? How to find the ideal Ukrainian bride for marriage?

Today, I would like to give 5 basic rules which could help you in your search for a foreign woman:

1) Make a realistic wish list

Develop a (Ukrainian) online dating strategy before you begin. Be specific and realistic with the requirements you need in a woman. The wish list should be achievable in a normal dating world. For example, if you want a woman in a specific career, be specific on that.

In your list, you should therefore mention that the woman should be doctor, lawyer of a teacher. Do not just say the woman should be working. If your children are to be raised up exclusively with their mother, mention the woman should be willing to quit her job to raise the children first. This makes it easier to get a woman that you are truly compatible with. The man should also mention where he intends to live if they get married.

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Some Russian and Ukrainian women prefer staying in their country, while others are flexible to migrate to the Western country. This will save you a lot of arguments in the future. Be realistic and specific, like saying ‘I want two children, one adopted’ instead of stating, ‘I want very many children, and adopt very many other too’, are you starting a children’s home, or children’s center? Asking for great models or Russian and Ukrainian women with features and characteristics of movie stars, will be a total waste of time. 😉

2) Go online and find a reliable matchmaking service

Using the right dating sites and matchmaking services is very crucial. Select a few reliable sites to use. Doing some research on the sites before using them, will help you from concentrating on unreliable sites. Some of the profiles on some women could be fraudulent. This is why having several options is recommended. Getting some recommendations from friends who had used the sites before, could be useful.

I recommend you to read the following articles on dating services and marriage agencies:

Be sure to read most of the reviews from other western men who used the site. This will help in making a judgment of what sites are more favorable for you. Do not shy away from expensive sites. At times, quality is expensive, and you definitely want quality services. You must also bear in mind that cheap is good at times. Do a background study and have arrange of options.

3) Keep your profile short

Long profiles are boring and tedious. Give a great and real bio, with realistic expectations. Western men must keep it short and straightforward as much as possible. 300 words are enough to make an impression. You will get time to discuss more about yourself during your dating life. A good short profile is also attractive and shows how organized a man is. This could be a bonus to getting a good wife.

It is good to state your likes and dislikes. This gives the Russian or Ukraine woman an idea of what she will put up with if she marries you. A profile of over 500 words is unnecessarily too wordy. It could even be confusing for a woman to keep track of an impression of you.

Mentioning your likes and dislikes could put off a potential wife for you. It narrows down the choices, as people are very different in the world and getting someone who is the same as you, are slim to none. Remember to keep it simple, short and friendly.

4) Be selective

It is very easy to fall for the wrong woman, based on her beauty. One must put in mind that if he wants a serious relationship, a lot of things and values must be considered. Rushing into expressing you feelings to the Russian woman, before knowing her better, is not a wise step. Do not just pick up just any Russian or Ukrainian woman on the site, and ask for a resinous relationship.


Some could be swindles and end up wasting your time and making fun of you. The women are so beautiful and charming, but not only that can keep you together forever. Get to know the woman’s life, dislikes and likes, secrets, friends, limits and extremes. This is enough to make a judgment on the overall character of the woman. Patient and sound judgment are important virtues when pursuing love online.

5) Learn dealing with rejection

Anger is no solution. It is normal for the western men to be rejected by the Russian and Ukrainian ladies (yes, shit happens). Sometime, they retaliate by giving bad reviews about them (we all are scammers and gold-diggers because the man was rejected. It is not his fault – Russian and Ukrainian women are just bad). Tweetinyg and texting or emailing negative comments about the women from Russia and Ukraine will not increase your chances for getting the wife from these both countries.

Western men should learn to be calm and accept that shit happens at times. They should pick up their shit and go for another chance. Just because you like a woman does not guarantee that she will like you back. She equally has her list of expectations. Learn to respect others’ choices. You might never know when your lucky day is, keep on trying and do not give up.

Choosing the right Ukrainian & Russian woman online
(Video Tutorial Series “5 Steps to Success in Ukrainian & Russian Online Dating”. Lesson Number Three)

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  1. guna says:

    hi there beautifol lady nice to meet ur ll

  2. Falcon Ward says:

    IMO, you wrote conflicting advice about the same thing. Which is the correct advice in the following:

    3) Keep your profile short

    “It is good to state your likes and dislikes…

    Mentioning your likes and dislikes could put off a potential wife for you. It narrows down the choices…’

    Spasibo for your reply and for a very helpful, well organized, well written blog!

    • Krystyna Krystyna says:

      Hi Falcon,

      thank you for your point. I will correct the content.
      Thank you for your warm words about my blog!


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    oh i was searching for article like yours, and found them)Thanks, i was wondering about how to find a russian wife and what are the rules, https://kovla.com/blog/6-basic-rules-to-help-find-the-ideal-wife-from-ukraine-and-russia/ here are some new rules that might interest you also!enjoy

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