Is my Ukrainian bride a scammer?


I have been in contact with particular woman on CharmDate and I am somewhat concerned as to the fact is she real or a scammer. On the negative side she is often online late at night, not sure if she is looking for me in particular because of the time difference. She is 27, I am 60.

We have chatted quite a bit and sometimes she seems genuine. She also claims that her computer is supplied by the agency and she cannot provide me with any personal information at this point in time. I have been pressing her to find me on social media through a second party but that has not happened.

On the plus side we have video chatted a couple of times and I can see her facial expressions, she laughs when I say something funny and I can see her thinking about a reply back to me. She has sent me numerous photos of her and her daughter together, she also talks about her daughter often in her letters.

How can I find out if she is for real if we cannot have contact elsewhere? Should I ask her real name and then google her name? I had a woman contact me on Facebook claiming she could track down any woman if I took screenshot and send her the woman’s ID number for the site. I sent this info to her but she claimed not to be able to find this particular woman on any social media sites.

I have read some reviews in regards to this site and now I am even more skeptical than before. I would appreciate your feedback, I have watched a few of your videos but I am still concerned about this being a scam…..



Krystyna answers:



Hi Bill,

Let’s talk about Charming Date first. I have posted a few reviews on
S. here: has plenty of negative reviews and I recommend my readers to get from this dating site as soon as possible. I always recommend men to ask the woman for her real name and then find her profil on Russian social networks like or I do not trust websites which do not allow personal contact with the woman. Personal communication is very important in developing a relationship with her. As for me, such sites which do not allow to exchange direct contact data are not serious.

russian woman

So that you can see if your woman is real or not. Communicating with the women only via dating sites is like you buy a pig in a poke – you do not know 100% if the woman is a scam or not. Not giving a chance to communicate with the woman directly is a red sign for me.

Well, as you can see, I am not a fan of Charming Date I do not trust this company. There are so many alternatives and dating sites with a better image – I cannot understand men who are ready to spend their money on this useless site…

I would recommend you to ask the woman for her real name and in which city she lives and then find her profil on Russian social networks like or (I can help if you want). I have not use their services and can tell about them only from reviews of other users. And I have to say that there are too many negative reviews (this makes me suspicious). It is really important that you get a personal contact with the woman before you go to Ukraine (skype, mobile, etc.) so that you get no negative surprise in Ukraine.

I wish you a lot of luck in Ukrainian dating adventure!

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8 Responses

  1. nat says:

    I met a girl 4 years ago and travelled to Kiev and met her. On the second trip we went to Yalta on the Crimean cost. We went shopping and during lunch I saw her writing numbers in a book and asked her what she was writing. Her reply. I am working out how much I have to give to the agency in commission. I walked out and went back to hotel. Three hours later I saw her and the translator in the foyer. We went away together and talked. She said she was under contract and had to give 50% of gifts to the agency because she was under contract. I advised her this was illegal . She kept saying. I under contract. The girl was honest and open . I gave her a second chance. 2 years later. We were married. We have been together 4 years. The girls are not bad. The agencies representing them are true crooks. My advice. Meet the girl .learn about her way of life and realise the translator is there to monitor and report how much you spend. The agencies do not want these girls to marry. The girl was 36 boy 6 and Iwas 46. I met her mother. Son and her friends on every trip.

  2. Mars~ says:

    Really, really great post.

  3. jack al ali says:


  4. jack al ali says:


  5. Almond says:

    Hello Krystyna,

    Is or a reliable website for dating Ukrainian woman?
    Thank you

  6. Steve says:

    nat – I can understand from the agency point of view. You pay x amount to the agency for the introduction. Then you take the girl on a shopping spree. Why should the girl make more than the agency? But from my point of view why take the girl on a shopping spree at all? I wouldn’t. Most guys don’t want girls with kids. That’s why you found it easy to marry her. You can call the agencies crooks all you like but if it wasn’t for them you would never have met her.

  7. Dave Driscoll says:

    I used the two sites you recomend. How do I find email address on the sites and can I get the pages to use English rather than Russian.

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