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Dear friends,

a few months ago Reggie, a Ukrainian dating expert & scam fighter, offer to interview me. I gladly agreed to answer his (sometimes pretty difficult :)) questions about dating Ukrainian and Russian women. If you want to learn more about Ukrainian and Russian dating from a Western man’s point of view, I highly recommend you to read my interview with Reggie.

Reggie Oglesby

Reggie Oglesby

So here we go! 🙂

Reggie: Krystyna, you are a well-knowledged Ukraine woman and help share a woman’s perspective to both male and female readers of your Ukrainian Dating Blog. Can you share your thoughts to these questions?

Question #1: There are so many beautiful Ukraine women of various ages and you see thousands of profiles listed on thousands of dating sites. We already know the vast majority posted online are only promoted by agencies in an effort to get men to spend money and few of their girls ever prove real. Can you tell us why a Ukraine woman is motivated to join a dating site if she is not truly seeking a relationship?

Krystyna: Hi Reggie. Well, first I must say that the majority of Ukrainian and Russian women join a dating site to find a Western man for life and marriage. There are enough women with serious intentions registered on International dating sites but the issue is that most Western men are looking for Russian and Ukrainian model-princess-sex bombs. Most Western men are still looking for a fairy tale that ends in this way, namely: a simple man (we would say a middle manager) marries a Russian princess by profession a top model and without any requirements.



But let’s talk only about Ukrainian women who join a dating site if they are not truly seeking a relationship. Why do they do that? The answer is simple – MONEY. There are three types of such women on the dating sites:

(1) Scammers

The women join the dating site just because they just want to lure money from foreign princes. You know this story… While the man believes you are getting closer, the Ukrainian dating scammer is turning closer to the man’s wallet. On the spur of the moment, she says to the potential “husband” that she wants to visit him in the USA (or Germany, UK, or France) and needs money for tickets, passport, visa etc.

Learn more about Ukrainian and Russian online dating scammers in my articles:

Video-Tutorial by Krystyna: “Are all Russian and Ukrainian (mail order) brides scammers?

(2) Professional pro-dater

This type of women joins the dating site because they work for this site as a translator + model. They get some commissions from the agency and their main activity to keep a man on the site, communicate with him as well as motivate him to buy more and more credits for communication.

Learn more about professional pro-daters in my article:

(3) I-do-not-know-what-I-want kind of women

Some women just want to improve their English (or any other foreign language) and to see what might happen. But these women (without any serious or materialistic intentions) are very few.

Question #2: As a follow up to question 1, in your experiences, what type of online dating agency should a man focus to and what sites should he avoid?

Krystyna: I believe that if you are lucky and use common sense, you can find your match everywhere: through paid and unpaid online dating sites, personal matchmaking and marriage agencies, social networks, or even on vacation. Ukrainian dating is a really hard process and you have to select, select and again select your woman from 1000s of women who are unserious, scammers, gold diggers or professional pro-daters.

I would advise men to use matchmaking and marriage agencies to find a woman from Ukraine. They offer personal services and commonly, the women are proved by them.

But remember that also personal matchmaking services cannot guarantee you a happy life with a foreign woman, nevertheless give you a good realistic chance to find her.

What sites should men avoid?

  • Sites with unscrupulous reputation (google the site before use it)
  • Sites that do not allow direct contact with a woman
  • The site on which there is no direct contact and address of the office (for complaints)
  • Sites on which the most women’s profiles are photoshoped (scam risk)
  • Sites that appeared too recently (less than a year)

Question #3: I have always heard that Ukraine women are devoted mother’s and wives to the men they marry. Is that true or just an online propaganda ploy used to capture a man’s interest? Since most of Ukraine has been so Westernized, are Ukraine woman really that much different than their American counterparts?

Krystyna: Yes, that is true :), not just online propaganda and rumors. Ukrainian and Russian women are just women. They are good wives and mothers. Many Western (American, German, British, etc.) women imitate men – in clothes, in a speech, in behavior, in family roles, etc. Western women want to be men.

In my opinion, Ukrainian women are not westernized; they just know their value in the world of dating and flirt. That’s why Ukrainian and Russian women are really different than their Western counterparts.

russian women

Living in Germany and UK, I have experienced both Russian/Ukrainian-Western and Western-Western relationships. The Ukrainian woman wishes to share her life with her husband. The Western woman wishes to spend her time with her husband. That is the big difference. I am sure only few German and British women would agree to give up their plans, objectives and career in favor of the family’s goals.

Question #4: Ukraine has proven to be a very corrupt oriented country and the thousands of scams reported tend to reflect that very thought. Lugansk has the reputation of being the Scam Capitol of the World for example! Are women the cause of all that or should we blame most of the online dating agencies for their greed in promoting that thought?

Krystyna: I do not agree with the opinion that Lugansk has a reputation of being the online dating scam capitol of the whole world. I agree that Ukraine belongs to the top highest risk countries in the world for online dating scams.

But this risk list includes other countries such as Russia, Thailand, the Philippines, Colombia, Ghana and Nigeria, too. All these countries have well-developed “mail order bride” industries. If we talk about Intercultural dating in generally, it is a known fact that Nigeria became the online dating fraud capital of the world.

I guess that we should blame both: Ukrainian women and online dating services. Female online scammers are getting more refined and take regular benefits of cheating Western men. For many women in Ukraine, scamming is easy money – and many women do that.

But fraudulent marriage and dating agencies bring much more financial damage than single cases of Internet fraud. Hundreds of online dating and marriage agencies operate in Ukraine and abroad promising men to meet a wonderful woman for life.

russian scam

But in reality, there are thousands of fake profiles on the site, translators writing fake romantic mails to the customers giving them hope and engaging in online chats with them.

On a whole, I would say that fraudulent marriage and dating agencies spoil the reputation of Ukrainian women because the extent of their fraudulent operation exceeds all permissible limits.

Question #5: In your opinion, what is the Ukraine woman’s best assets she can offer for a man to focus his time, energies and money in considering as a wife? and is it not true that a real Ukraine woman NEVER asks a man for money in any form when they have not ever met or in committed relations?

Krystyna: I would say that family orientation and traditional family values are the best assets which the Ukrainian woman can offer for a Western man. This is what Western men are looking for but cannot get at home. Western men wish to have a happy family with traditional family roles, a comfortable home and a feminine and beautiful wife. They can find all that in a marriage with a woman from Russia or Ukraine.

All normal women in Ukraine I know personally would not ask a (Western) man they hardly know for money. Ukrainian women know about their bad “scam” reputation in the International dating industry. That means that if they ask for money they would immediately cause suspicion of being a scammer. And a woman with serious intentions would not want it.

Do you think that it is very typical in Ukraine or Russia to ask unknown men for money? No, it is not – people see each other, spend some time and then decide to get married. But it is true that the woman expects the man to pay for dating expenses like dinner at the restaurant or taxi.

I wish you a lot of luck in Ukrainian dating adventure!

krystyna dating blogger


Questions? Feel free to ask Krystyna, your Ukrainian dating expert 🙂 (s. here: Contact Krystyna)



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2 Responses

  1. Joe says:

    Dear Krystyna- This is a really useful site. Thank you for creating it. I recently joined Russian which is a free dating site. I’m 47, athletic and considered reasonably attractive. I have a couple of questions. I’ve been receiving interest from a number of women in the 27-30 age range. This would not be typical in the United States. Should I make the assumption that all these women are scammers? Or is it possible that age is not as much a factor in Russia / Ukraine as it is in Western Culture?
    Question #2 For the last 6 weeks I’ve been corresponding with a girl named Irina. We really hit it off. She has sent me pictures of her with her family, friends work, etc. She gave me her phone number and I called here a couple of times, but we really couldn’t have much of a conversation as her English skills are not that good. She says she uses google translation in her e-mails. I suggested we use Skype to further develop the relationship. But she says she does not have a smart phone or access to Skype. Now she wants to visit me for the holidays and gave me the prices of visa and flight through what she said is a respected travel agency. Major red flags for me. I countered suggesting that I would be willing to fly to Ukraine in a few months to see her. She said why do I want to wait so long and gave me the phone number of the travel agency if I had any questions. At this point, I think I should end it, but wanted an outside opinion if you think there is any chance she could be real. And if so, what should my next move be. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Joe

    • Krystyna Krystyna says:

      Hi Joe,

      thank you for your message.
      To your questions.

      Question #1. Age gap in a Russian / Ukrainian-Western relationship.

      Age gaps are rather common in a marriage in Ukraine. But we talk about 5-10 years, not 20 years. There are happy exceptions, but the relationships with big age difference will always have problems because the partners come from different generations, they have different priorities in life and different family values. Ukrainian women know that as well. In my view, if the woman writes to a man who is 20 years older, she is very likely a gold digger looking for a sugar daddy. There are of course exceptions but if I were you I would not start communication with women in the 27-30 age range. As for me, it is just waste of your time.

      Learn more:

      Question #2. Red flags

      As for me, your lady might be a scammer. Everybody in Ukraine has access to Skype. She does not want to meet you on Skype to get known you better but she wanted to go to your country to seeing you. Communication via Skype is the next step after having online communication on the online dating site to establish a great long distance relationship with a woman in Ukraine.

      Personal contact in International online dating is very important. Before you plan visiting your woman in Ukraine, you NEED to communicate with her via Skype or other communication technologies to see if you like each other not only through messages but you can communicate with each other directly. If the woman does not want to communicate with you via Skype, I would recommend you to run away and find a woman who is willing to do this with you. In this way you have less chance of getting scammed.

      More red flags in my article:

      I hope I could help you. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me.


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