What to discuss at the first date with a Russian woman

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The first date with a Russian or Ukrainian woman is very important and exiting event, which will probably live strong impression for both you and your vis-à-vis. Avoiding unnecessary exaggeration, still, it is a good thing to get yourself morally prepared for this meeting or at least to make up your mind a bit on this occasion, in order to feel yourself more relaxed and comfortable in the company of your Slavic girlfriend.

There are, of course, dos and don’ts of the first date and we shall mention both, though, I believe, suggestions provided by a dating site godatenow.com wouldn’t surprise you much.


Okay, so things you should never discuss on a date as long as you are not acquainted enough with the a Russian or Ukrainian woman are sex, politics and religion. Pretty common, eh? These are the universal rules of politeness because these notions are to replete and touching this kind of topic without the required care may cause an awkward situation. So before you are sure about the soil you’re stepping, take care about the topics you choose.

Start your conversion slowly

Best thing to start a conversation is a discussion of the way you guys have found each other. It is always interesting to share the experience of two sides making advances and that’s kind of easy way of verbalizing and, therefore, starting your mutual history, painting the story together and for each other.

Do not discuss your Ex partners. It is, indeed, shaky road to step as you don’t know yet what kind of reaction it may cause and where this conversation may bring you. Let bygones be bygones, it is way more interesting to start a new story with your new woman from Russia or Ukraine.

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Being a gentleman!

Try to be attentive and feel the mood of your lady as this is the key to the easy-going and opened conversation. And by the way, be sincere. Sincere about your mood, your impression your feelings and your attitude towards her. That would, first, make you an honest start and, second, cause your date to behave in the same way. Russian and Ukrainian girls love when men take an initiative, so be prepared to be the one to start a conversation and make things go.

Being active

Though you are expected to take an active part, do not overstate and show yourself off. There is a huge difference between these two kinds of behavior so you better just be yourself rather than trying to look more confident then you’re actually are. That looks repulsive and may spoil the first impression (which you do want to make in a nice way).

Paying for the woman

Same thing is about the money – don’t spend too much and don’t make pompous presents.

Learn more about that in my article:

If you are that generous, keep it till you are sure that this is the woman you are ready to give it to. Excessive lavishness in the beginning is quite incongruous that may bring you disappointment if things wouldn’t workout as much as confuse the lady with your probable expectations, proportionate to your expenditure. Flowers or small souvenir present will do. Your intention is to show your regards, after all, so be moderate in your expressions and keep it slow.

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And as far as our topic gets to its logical end here’s a thing for you to do at the end of the day: pay the bill. Slavic women who are looking for a western man are somewhat conservative, so forget this German-bill stuff and pay for the dinner. First – it is the matter of courtesy and another important detail – it will show you as a generous guy and make you look as a real gentleman.

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  1. Clement says:

    Dear Krystyna I am so impressed and excited to have stumbled on your blog. I’ve been interested in dating a heart warming and caring Russian or Ukrainian woman for a long time. I have a very gentle and soft spirit. So my shyness has stopped me from trying to date a woman in the Ukraine. Thank you for helping us western men. ( the good hearted gentle ones ) Ha!! Now I feel more confident with your helpful advice I read on your blog.

  2. Steve says:

    What if the girl is working with the restaurant and receives a commission (%) kickback of the total bill. Should the guy still pay?

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